Range and Weight Update


This is us old lazy guys bro:

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we? Gandalf hehe


Ahahah: “you shall not pass” :joy:

Edit: feel the pain in his eyes. Damned hobbits


A 15% decrease in energy damage, that might have worked. A 178% increase in weight, making it the heaviest energy weapon in the game, that is a HUGE change. You’ve made EMP irrelevant, uniquely irrelevant.

*Edit: Weight from 27 to 75 is a 178% increase. From 27 to 70 is 159.26% increase. Making it still garbage.


Regarding PHY builds, true on the “stand and shoot” part. I found it boring to use during PVP matches. Oh well, it gets the job done.


I did not say that I do not have claws!

The absence of a rare weapon, such as abomination, reconning, magma blast and much more


This is bullshit dude , last season (and current season) im holding rank 1-2 , and 80% of my opponents are phys players.

nerf physical damage by 8% on all phys weapons. Lets make it fair


they require energy. You can not push the energy, what would to use a heat bomb.



~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~



You wanna help a brother out with a mercy? lmfao

@Mohadib thanks, you’ve officially made something for f2ps to utitlize completely useless. Would’ve been happy with it keeping KB with minimal damage at least.

btw drones are 43 weight (non energy ones).
Deso, Sc are 66.
CL, Savagery 51 ea
DB 52…

This is the ONLY good thing to come from this…ffs


Heat’s been bufed!

Remember when you said about mods of mine?
Lmao cuz now i can put him in.


Cool, I better check that out.


by train playing big boy insane 2 times would win, mark defeat? ah a cause change pff

bye EMP, phys are happy now


Aww… Just realized energy builds got nerfed due to heat’s weight being buff. It’s too easy to get overheated by heaters now. Rip my energy build…


Oh mante,I have too see for myself!

Btw,it’s great;now you can fit some actual mods (as in engines).


Notice epics (Except platimuns)
I will soon make them legy.


15 kgs lighter.That’s actually pretty good!


Too bad that i can’t put charger for any chance.


Fak me. So the shet hit the fan already. Couldnt even log and make my 5 battles yet…


Actually,I think this is a good update.