Range and Weight Update


TS works in extreme ways. Which means with the heat change they gonna make heat OP for a week and then nerf it back even more than it was. Or they will just let it be OP for a while… I hope they will because heat is the best.


Side note:
There is none to few pure physical line up in top 50…


unless they change some mechanics of how heat works.
And introduce some range 2 push wepon… heat will always fall short, due to the lack of items.
That range 2, only has 2 push premium wepons.
The other range 2 wepons, need to be in pairs to work… and they aim towards overheating, not dps… and overheating now, is well kind of crap, since 2 boosters basicly kills it.


Haha. We’re the beta testers now. This is something I realized since Seraph’s buff/nerf.


I hope so mate. Energy is still way too OP :wink:


75 is like a bit heavy isn’t it? It’s heavier than a Bulldog now, which I have problems equipping it back then, now I have 2 problems. Why not make the Heat Bomb 40-45 and EMP 50-55?


I went against my own clanmates and didnt militate for a nerf mate. I stated many times that it was fine as it is.
Still asking for a reconsideration in this very thread.


my bad then.
Maybe we should hold a pool about it… a legitimate one.
That shows if this was really needed or Not.


That and sampled testers from 3 top clans and some middle rankers…
For a pole to be legitimate it shall be held by TS’s team.
Last one was about hammers update. Wining party of the pole: range 2.
Related update: 3 knock back
(Stupid me maxed 2 of these with high expectations. Told @mordulec good mate to work on his axes, theyd be good with ash with a range 2, as a good mate, he didnt get mad at me for providing stupidly optimistic advises, fak)


cant we just remove these items to finish the conspiracy


do we have a definite promis for that from the dev’s?
and when?

(i am sorry, i missed out on the forum for a while…)


Scroll up to the first post mate.


thank you, and sorry again…


Lower ranks?
I know the lower ranks.
They use cheap, anihil, NE, NF wepons for phis.
They use malice and last words and histeria.
They use repulser/terror cry, and Corupt light for heat(heaters are rare in lower ranks).
They are used to beeing drained in 1-2 turns, and adopt the tank and spray, jump and spray tactic.
Like it used to be also in the Top Ranks, when you had to chase the damn electric, to corner and bam bam him to death.
Or you had to pack 500 energy on the Corupt Light mech, to be able to overheat the enrgy, and kill him. While gettin gunned by, anihil gap closers.
It was balanced, and it was fun.
It made you think.
Now i look at replays, random ones, not only top ranked. The main thing is stand and shoot.
Nothing… just stand and shoot.
In top ranks, replay:
1.Pull drone.
2.Pull drone, fire spartan.
1.Fire spartan, fire spartan.
2.Fire spartan, fire spartan.

  1. Fire spartan, fire spartan.
    Nothing, no tactic, no nothing.
    Replay vs Energy
  2. Fire Spartan.
  3. Pull drone, fire EMP.
  4. Fire Spartan, fire Spartan.
    2.Fire bunker, Fire VS.
    1.hook mercy.
  5. Stomp, fire bunker.
  6. Charge, mercy
    Replay Vs Heat.
    1.Pull drone.
  7. Pull drone, fire magma.
  8. Fire spartan, fire spartan.
  9. fire supreme, fire desso.
    1.Fire spartan, fire spartan.
  10. fire supreme, fire desso.
    1.cooldown, fire spartan
    This is how it was befor EMP, this is how it will be NOW.


Also like this with the current un-nerfed EMP.
Dual spartan plop ploping


And let’s be real for a moment.
There is nothing to stand up to it.
That 1000 dmg/turn, shreds any other build.


Agreed. Its not my fault that it became like that in top ranks. Not much strategy, for any type for what matters.
Thats why im ok with the claw stuff, was ok with emp, very happy now for heat. Variety might result in some good strategy/adaptations…


The players, that will “benefit” of the change, and for their chance to play a “balanced” game.
The top players builds are the ones that set a trend in the whole game.
And EMP at lower ranks, pff barely used, due to the high energy requiered. Most guys there have 300-400 enrgy(the energy builds), fiering this thing criples them.
Claw is L-M, highly doubted that these guys have it, or they have to face it.
EMP? How many of them militated for the nerf, or expressed in anyway their opinion on the matter, so that you can say on their behalf that this change is a benefical one?
I find it funny, that a few that militated for the nerf, 6-8 forum members(all phis mech users), and another 5-6(mixed users) that argumented against a Nerf, changed an item.
Out of the ones that militated for the Nerfs, none of them used it(except Gorgon, with his Smurf).
There was only a single side of this coin, and i feel that it was the wrong side.
And another funny thing, that no poll was held, to actualy see a result from it, a real opinion of this forum comunity.
I know that the forum members represent very little of the comunity, but it could have been a sign if it was needed or not. It would have been a close call anyway.
That impacted 10k players.
What i find it funnier is that, alot of players invested alot of money/time in upgrading it, and overnight they got a useless item.
@Mohadib, i know that you are the main dev, but sometimes imputs from players are welcomed, and these nerfs, that come after people invest in an item, are not how you should go. A compensation for their time and dedication, would be welcomed.
This is not like in the case of Seraph, that was a good item, befor buff, was made OP after the buff, then rerolled with a slight buff back. This nerf, basicly makes an item useless.
At 75 kg, it is the same weight, of a VS(450 drain,-26 res,34 regen dmg) and an engine.
For a wepon that drains 400(with Arena Coins), and does little to no dmg, and is of single use…
Compare it to other Energy wepons,and you will see that is falls short, by a mile.
Also the Claw, it is simply wrong for an item to need other items to function, especialy for a rare one like it, it needs other premium wepons to function. Might as well pack them as a kit, Claw+redocking, Claw+buldog.
Testing is needed befor, a rollout of a wepon, then adjusted so that it can be set into the game.This helps balance things.


Some things to think about these changes …

  • everyone can use what they want (all 3 types)

  • everyone can use all weapons (from all 3 types)

  • everyone can use all items (from all 3 types)

Every single Change …

  • SeraphBlade

  • EMP

  • The Claw

  • Heat Bomb

… “hit” every single player the SAME :exclamation:

I am not talking about what we are playing, that’s everyones own choice :exclamation:

TOP players are LESS than 1 % from ALL players :exclamation:

I am happy for the 99% players, that they can play balanced :exclamation:

The situation about the few Top players is a totall different story and has only very indirect to do with the items changes :exclamation:



Lol it’s always been like that. Why you think I switched to phys. Heat is not worth the stress. I’m too old to be hopping and jumping. Just like to sit back and fire :+1:t2: