Range and Weight Update


Hi Pilots,

We have read and discussed all your comments from the Range and Weight Strategy discussion and decided on the following changing:

  1. We want EMP to remain unique, so we are only slightly reducing its stats, so that its energy damage will be close to its energy cost when the player’s “Energy Damage Tech” in the Arena Shop is maxed. However, we want the item to have a downside, so it will be very heavy for a weapon with only one use.
    Energy Damage Reduced by 15%, Weight increased from 27 to 75kg (we could revisit this if we see an issue)
  2. We want The Claw to be an immobile defensive item. To make its shortcomings more meaningful, we are reducing its stomp damage will be half of an average leg damage, and removing its knock-back. There will be no weight change.
  3. We are aware that heat weapons feel a bit too heavy, so we are slightly tweaking them across the board, in a way that will make most pure heat Mechs weigh around 20-30kg less.
  4. The heat bomb weight will be increased from 37 to 50kg.

This change will be implemented in the next couple of days.
Feedback is always welcome.
Thank you to everyone that participated in the discussion.
Good luck, Pilots!

Cry about everything
Nerf EMP kills heat class

Now time to say somethin.

  1. EMP
    It’s excelent seing EMP changed,yet everyone has awaited for this moment.However i like the way reducing 15% elc. Dmg. and of course increasing kg.
    @bestplayerintheworld has awaited for this!
  2. Claw
    I have never fought someone with that.
    But i think it’s a good thing to make it nerf a litle bit.
  3. Heat
    My personaly favoraite thing!
    You have acctualy heard what Me,@Rovolution and others said.
    A less Kg will be perfect for this!
  4. Heat
    Last but not at least.The heat increasing is fine.
    No problem for me.

This feedback is amaizing as always!
Sm will be perfect again!
Thank you @Mohadib


I know EMP users will be disheartened by that 75kg weight…Hell I wanted it to be 37…75s a bit overkill.

Btw @Mohadib please tell me you didn’t reduce the weight for Flaming Scope. I know it’s a situational decoration piece. But if it’s any lower than 23. It’s gonna be quite the crazy weapon lmao


To that,I can agree.It’s still a super nasty weapon with that enormous drain,but it’s actually very balanced as a 1-use,75 kgs weapon!
That is great!

Well,instead of that,you could have nerfed the hp,but it works like this,as well.
Yeah,I can also agree to that!

Oh yeah,finally!
Heat mechs are shown some well-deserved love!
That’s great!

Actually,that wasn’t necessary.Heat bomb is generally a double-edged blade and can be countered/negated pretty easily.But okay,that can also do.


well the weight hasnt increased yet




ya i diddnt read that
thou there is a new version available in the app stores


That is just for the workshop changes I believe.


thats a very good change


as u gave heat items some love
beware there might be a crimson rapture comming to give u a kiss


but they made EMP to heavy


I have been awaited for this.

Time to show everyone my heat power.


Thanks @Mohadib.

Remark: the dmg reduction for claw is ok, but the no push is very strange to me…

@Rovolution, go easy on me in arena pelize
@El_Metre you too mate

All heaters good building time to yall. Enjoy oily hands.


knowing that it deals a ridiculous amount of energy drain
i think its fair


That was indeed a strange move. I would’ve expected less hp with less stomp damage. Removing the knock back is already getting mixed feelings from players on kong.



Don’t u dare to talk to my baby.


Wow I’ll have to rethink my claws builds…

The only missing piece would be o do something about the epic plate vs myth plates…

And I’ll wait to actually see how much weight is lost for a « pure heat » before getting to conclusions… because only 25 kgs our of a drone and 3-4 weapons isn’t much… better than nothing I guess…
Reckoning itself should lose at least 10 kg…


I feel targeted with this no knock back… my mercy dual spartan line up will need some customization i guess.
Good to be back in the workshop anyway :slight_smile:


that is also a type of nerf to energy and buff to claw users against energy mechs
coz alot of energy users dont have ash creator which means they have to stomp resulting in less damage as the claw will not knock them back


I’m also not sure about the no push back thing but we’ll see…

And @lordgorgon as long as I don’t land a myth plate you are safe buddy :wink: