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Tik Tok is cancer. End of discussion. It ruins everything.


why do 50 yr old men look at 14 yr old girls on tiktok?

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What rank are you able to reach in SM, on all seasons?

  • Rank 1
  • Rank 2
  • Rank 3
  • Rank 4
  • Rank 5
  • Rank 6
  • Rank 7
  • Rank 8
  • Rank 9
  • Rank 10
  • Rank 11
  • Rank 12
  • Rank 13
  • Rank 14
  • Rank 15
  • Rank 16-20

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And that too lmao.

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It has some decent contents like the photo edit, the trolls and the magic thinggy but yes it ruined by 14 y/o who thinks they know how to dance, does some cringy face making which is cringe and more cringe

  • make mortal bullet same model as purifier and sorrow
  • make purifier and sorrow same model as mortal bullet

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Wtf is Tik Tok?

Never mind, I just looked it up. Hmm… :thinking:

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What does this even mean?? Purifier is 2 uses, sorrow is infinite…

Tik tok is an app that grows quick by its youtube duplicate short contents

But is ruined by 14 y/o’s


purifier and sorrow look the same beside element color,
the idea was that mortal bullet would look the same as them besides a blue streak.

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ya bro im in it for them 50 yr old pedophiles they kinda cute ngl

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Who wants my SILVERSHIELD acct???

  • Me, please
  • No thanks

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Yea right, like I would give that away… Just curious how many would click me…

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ill sell it for 20 dollars to buy fast food for my fat ass

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Yeah, sorry, it’s not my cup of tea. I skimmed thru it, didn’t see anything interesting.

Well, there’s always YouTube.


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Finally got around to fixing my old ROG gaming laptop, so i can now record and edit my videos on there.
Should i try to fill the screen by stretching the video, or should I record it with its original aspect ratio?

  • Stretch the image to fill the screen
  • let it be

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@Atusiff I’d like to know what you think about it, as I do think you watch a lot of SM videos

  • rc1
  • Atusiff

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Thank you for being here.
I really appreciate your company.

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