Random legendary torso

I just opened a premium box and got this…

Does someone have the maxed version of it and is it better than brutality?

it would fit with my sword too -.-


That thing sucks now. Stay away from it.


May I know why everyone hates Archimonde? Seems better than Interceptor, and while it has less HP than Avenger it also weigh less. It’s sometimes I’m curious about that!

Heat and Energy values speak for itself.

Compare with Avenger’s stats, and Interceptor’s stats.

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Well, Avenger has worse stats heat wise: 193/64 Energy (same), 145/48 Heat (less); those 191 HP difference for 21 kg more is really that better?

Is there any other legendary/myth torso I should know about?

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Yes. Iron Plates only give 145 for 40 kg.

You can put 1 less plate on an Avenger for a heat module… which boosts it far past 193/64.

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So it really depends if you have Platinum Plates or not. And in that case, Interceptor is probably better. Gotcha!

Yup… so… regular users probably don’t have any (or 1 max) of those. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you throw your bank account at them… (highly NOT recommended)

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Archimonde is one of worst torsos right now. Brutality is much better. For 12 points of weight you get about 100 heat, 25 cooling and 25 energy.

Torsos are one of the easiest parts to objectively evaluate.

If you have no mythical plates, Avenger and Brutality are the best cores.

If you have mythical plates, Brutality, Windigo, Nightmare, Naga and Grim Reaper are all good, depending on your weapon set up.

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to be honest i would love to have it
its design of the old Yoshimo X like me so much
also its so symetrical
for someone like me that just want fun its perfect
but its performance ehem isnt too good

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Item Looks good @ImmortalHunter

My calculations If I max out a certain torso with the modules I have.
I’m looking at 1,956 HP on my mech :slight_smile: But that’s in the future

Why don’t they add something like a costume slot?
you can choose any torso you have, put in in the slot and your mech will look like that.

I like this idea. :slight_smile: