Random discussions, chat and stuff lol

ok what do you call a loli piloting a mech?

dont know what does loli mean





no its a Fluxeon


what loli mean still sort of new to this stuff

Loli is basically an anime child. Mostly to little girls.

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ok well i get it now of course you would know what it ment

Topic title:

Lets talk about supermechs I am farming

The replies:


Lol. We’re awesome.

haha how did we start talking about anime

you mean us @WMist253 @Zarkares @Brennankawamura

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It’s still fun though.


yah it is fun thats probily the most fun i had to day in my life

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ya :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::laughing::laughing:

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where did @Zarkares go guess he left

He’ll be back. I’m sure.

probilly going to the bathroom he back he back

This is me 2 years later

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