Ran into this guy today


What kind of Torso is that?


It’s the pumpkin torso ( a cosmetic item ). That thing doesn’t give any stats boost so don’t worry.


oh. :3
Pretty intimidating nonetheless.


oh yeah and welcome in the forums :slight_smile:


yea back in the old days if u saw a mech with 2 armor breakers the physical shotgun and the ultranova with that pumpkin torso u were pretty much screwed


pumpkin torso, legacy pack.


@ImmortalHunter Thanks! :smiley:


A picture of my baby


Was the Pumpkin Torso a one-time thing?


Well, i got it on halloween of 2016. But it was available again on halloween of 2017 too. I think its gonna be available every halloween


Oh, okay. :3
Thanks for answering. :relaxed:


the perk is pretty useless

I remember when there werent any perks, so we thought after being on bmmdev that liran went stupid and made a pumpkin torso, but finally it was just a perk…

@Fluxeon @Maxx @Zarkares do you remember that moments we chatted about that? :joy::joy::joy:


Nope, it wasn’t available this year (@GoldPikachu77).