Ramboy's crying


So whilst farming Ramboy today this happened.32
I feel so bad :sob:

One unfarmed Ramboy = 1 prayer :pray:

Call 1-800-save-an-RB to save 1 of the million Ramboys that get killed for loot everyday, this is for a cause my friend. The Ramboys are nearly farmed out and if this keeps going on then professional and trustworthy scientists predict the species ‘Ramboyus farmalotus’ will go extinct in the year 2023 making our planet go with 1 less species of mech.

Amen :pray:


Nah fam im good


its funny :joy: hehe


1 like= 1 ramboy saved + Download free Ipad


1 like = 1 pray for Ramboy


1 like = 1 like


This one seems happy
2018-02-20 (3)

or maybe he is surrendering


This is a funny topic . Wish there were more like these in forum


Today is a sad day for the ramboy species…

Today , there were a total of :

12853 species of normal , hard and insane ramboys erradicated in the past 24 hours…

We have to stop ruthless farming for materialism.

Out of many reports , out of all the 12.8k species of ramboys , only 20% of the hunters recieved the reward that is a fortune box , all who did got common items…

We have to commermorate this day as a tragic one , please take care of the environment!

Scientists have concluded that by the year of 2021!!!

All ramboys will go exctinct!





Save the Ram :b: ois.


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Ooh Ramboys are soooooo cute
why are we kill them


Their loots are tasty, that’s why


This one seems to have 2 clash drones mythical…


or maybe it’s just it’s weapons in the air


WTF that really does look like 2 clash drones, I never noticed that.



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Old version ramboy seems cool :sunglasses:
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