Raids mech distance

is the mech distances in raids locked coz everytime i refresh the page the opponent is at the same distance

No, they aren’t. RNG with range is just purely retarded at times. Some have shown (with bad luck) that you’d need to refresh a shit ton of times. It’s just pure RNG.

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nope its fixed now after 40 times each one of them appears at the same distance

No, still incorrect. I can refresh a shit ton (quotes), and get different ranges. Only they seem to have made RNG for that even worse. Just keep refreshing.

I will say, refreshing the page changes nothing for me. BUT quitting out of the mission and restarting it will change it all up. Perhaps that will help?

I get
Tank - Range 4
TK 4022 - Range 3
Base Defender Mark I - Range 7
every time, no matter if I refresh or play the whole raid again.

I like the fixed ranges, since everybody has the same conditions now without refreshing again and again.

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Flaming scope is 8 range, and if the boss sits at 7 you can’t FS first turn. Shutting down energy or killing with long range top weapon should work (maaaybe supreme cannon?). (Energy broken boss can’t teleport next to you or drone presumably)
All speculation, please correct me if I’m wrong, guys.