RAID tokens are still ghost tokens


The daily RAID tokens are still ghost tokens. They disappear.

It was previously claimed several times, TS said they would fix it in future updates.

The next updates were for us to obtain fewer tokens at the end of RAID, but these didn´t solve them.

Please, if there is no intention to deliver them, remove them from the screen, because it creates a false expectation.


meanwhile im stuck in raid 4 , like 2 weeks ago , @Sarah247 DIDNT HELP ME


I’ve already reported this 2 times, please take care of this bug.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny


I also wrote emails to so called support. Obviously unable to find a remedy.

It’s a big shit that you need to keep an eye on the number of tokens!

Maybe more people must complain.

Tacticsoft, keep what you promise!


The tokens are received at the moment, and then disappear when the screen changes, leaving the raid to go to the garage.
We are all with the same problem, that someone does not claim does not mean that he is free of him…

I agree with the comments of the people above, if you can not solve them, it is better to visually remove the tokens, we are left with the golden prize that is at least palpable.



Working on it everyone.
As soon as I know an update I will let you know.


Will the update include the techtree and the box prices fixed?