Raid - Tier 5 - perfect score

There is a thing thats called shield. There was shields with 50%+ absorbation, if he has an old account he can have that sheild. And since you are saying the lowest dmg he could recieve was 46, with the 50% absorbation its 23 damage recieved.

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37 yo, offspring … but so many exclamations? :smiley:

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More than that , 37 y/o , crying over a flash game.

Rico is an honest player!
He deservedly is above me. physical resistance is higher than mine!

You make no sense , honestly.
You dont know what raid mech either of us uses , therefore your assumption of me cheating is negative.
yet he is legit and im not

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This is to remember that you did not forget who you really are!

Got a problem with it?

I’m leaving too!

Here is enough evidence for @Sarah247

There is one way all of these problems can be fixed.

Make Raids playbacks in raid screen possible, then everyone can see everything and even benefit/learn from tactics and setups.


Interesting idea.

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We all would agree on this one.

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Well, I saw that issue, too, and reported it to Sarah247 in a pm as they once mentioned in another cheaters reporting thread.

Btw. the minimum damage (without legacy shield) in yesterday’s raid tier 5 was 19 (6 from each of the tanks at starting range 1 and 7 from the mech upper right corner at starting range 7).
The score you got with that minimum damage is 5988 points.

I know that cause I reloaded till I got that 19 damage outcome with a mech at max HP of 3153 HP.
For HP: Brutality, The Claw + 4 Platinum Platings.

Btw., @bestplayerintheworld, as someone who got a legacy shield, can you please tell me in which order damage calculation takes place?

A) First shield reducing attack, then second deduct resistance
B) First deducting resistance from attack, then second reducing damage with shield

There is a small difference in normal battles between those orders:

E.g.: Attack 300, Shield 50%, Resistance 50
A) 300 / 2 = 150 -> 150 - 50 = 100 damage
B) 300 - 50 = 250 -> 250 / 2 = 125 damage

It is a relatively small difference in normal battles but for raid it can turn out quite important:
E.g.: Yesterday’s raid tier 5 - tanks starting range 1:
Corrupt Light minimum damage 104 - 98 (maximum resistance with 20% bonus) = 6 damage without shield.

With shield activated at round 1 however:
shotgun (1-2 ranged) minimum damage = 133
Version B): 133 - 98 = 35 -> 35 / 2 = 17.5 -> 17 or 18 damage -> normal way without shield better
Version A): 133 / 2 = 66.5 -> 66.5 - 98 < 1 -> deals minimum damage of 1 -> better than normal way without shield!!!

That is why I ask if you know in which order resistance and shield are applied during attacks.

Also that amount of damage might be recoverable with repair drone.
TS said that the total damage taken is determining the score but if that damage is only calculated after the battle repair drone could cover it.
So that would need to be explained by TS.

If damage is only calculated after battles and shield applies before resistance then a perfect score with repair drone would be possible.
That is why these two issues would have to be determined first.


First the resistance then the shield, so B.

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Thanks. Then a perect score is absolutely impossible.
Good thing that I reported the issue.

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Shields don’t give advantage to RAID!

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It’s true,as besty said that shields won’t even give advantage.

Wait…Did KilliN and the rest get perma-banned?
Man,this sucks…But I guess there’s no way around it.

As for @TechnoDive,mate,can you reproduce the build you uses in Raid to wash away the accusations?

Secrets remain to be secrets.

The build i use is for me

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