Raid score specs?

I wanted to ask - what does the raid score depend on? What are the factors?
How fast you kill? How many damage you deal? How much HP you have left?
Any info on this matter?

The HP you have left.

The damage you take over the battles. the amount of hp you have i dont believe changes it.

Ok, guys, I confirmed. It is important how much HP you have left AND how much damage you deal to the enemy.
Once the boss hit me - I got 1020 score, then I kill them with all my life intact - I got 2000 score.

I don’t think The max HP matters so I suggest you take Resistance modules instead of HP when going for raid , because the only thing that matters is the damage you take

I believe it’s the same score when you loose 200 out of 1000 HP and 200 out of 2000 HP

Also time isn’t a factor, because I got max score once even though it took me around 30 mins to complete lol

i also noticed, unlike the first raid, it does not matter how many times you hit…it does not change the score
in the first raid i kill it one strike, and got points
next time i tried (for curiosity) i just overheated it, and killed with the second hit, and got lower points…
it looks like this time it does not matter…

or i could be wrong…

try always to aim to a perfect
perfect clear is da best
but if u cant even on specific situation try to get the less dmg u can

im pretty sure thats true, i beat tier 2 with no damage and got 3,400 (I believe 2,000 is perfect for tier 1, and 3,400 is 2, 4,200 is 3, 6,200 is 4, post others if u know them, you know us players are going to have to figure this out ourselves), well i took 1 damage in an earlier run and got 1,846…and another i took 2 damage and got 1,040…so i dont know what everyone else got, but for me taking damage carried an unreasonably high penalty

Is everyone’s score for the raid the same as mine or is there still a glitch in the system?

Just wondering…

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Same here

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its based in your hp.

you mean the higher one’s hp, the better score it gets?
please elaborate…


No, the amount of hp you have does not matter, it’s all based in the damage dealed on your mech.

I mistaked before.

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thank you for the clarification…

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Whattup I’m first!! (Even though I know everyone else is first too)

Not any more!


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