RAID - rank board question


Today is the 4. tier of this weeks raid.
I made the first 3 days with a perfect score.

This last bot could hit me with hes drone so I list 1 life total. Picture attached.

The thing I don’t understand, how can be 2 different scores infront of me in the rank list.

  • I have 12.927 points with 1 hit, and -1 life.
  • and there is 12.928
  • and 13.000 at top

I can’t decode them, should’t there be only 1 better number?
Or is zero damage possible?

I have another question, If I play the first days raid super early after reset, and I see my score at “first place”… How can other people with the same score go before my score? Like I loggend in few hours later and my perfect score was only the at 4. place. And same score players where before me.
What did they do better?
Less turns?
Higher damage?

Thanks for your help!

1.start at 7 range and use valiant sniper, boss don’t have special item so can deal you any dmg
2. cheaters

Last night, for wanting to do a test, to play at the last minute to see if it was better positioned. I forgot to play, and I went to sleep.

I played today early, but after the restart of the day (5am).

Will I still have chances to finish the tournament, or have I been left out because I will miss a day of play? :no_mouth:

Yes I understan the vailant sniper thing, but I don’t have that weapon…
Only item I need to make the best score possible.

Still dose not make sence why is 2 different score before me.

The range is fixed so everybody starts at range 1.

The ones with the perfect scores are cheaters.

If a player has 1 point more than you it means that his starter HP was higher (probably over 2500 HP)

Because if im correct the points are calculated from the % you’ve lost from your original HP.

So losing 1 HP from 2500 gives you better scores than 1 HP lose from 1700 HP.

Great, Than I will try this out now, and tell you do I have a better score.

You where right!

But 1 question still remanes, how dose people with same score get ranked.

Also interested in how do they make the perfect score 13.000…
Is it possible not to get damaged? Because There is no waapon that can disable this bot with 1 shot from the face to tace starting position.

(Well maybe a Mythical Shield a Mythical Protector and a lot Mythical Plating, but it’s just a wild guess)

I think thats totally random. Even after the raid is over and you check the rankings from the previous rank the positions are sometimes changing. For example two weeks ago there were two players with the same score at the top and after the raid finished player 1 was at the first position and player 2 were second but the next day player 2 were at the first position. So its changing even after its closed… you can’t do anything about that.
Somebody said it depends on your ladder rankings but im not sure about that.

They make perfect scores because they are using Cheat Engine or other programs.

At least we can be sure about starting life counts.