Raid ✹ ( Perfect MODE ) ✹

Hello :grinning:

Sometimes it’s hard to get the best score, on the first try… :disappointed_relieved:

Why not do work only once? :smirk:

Trying again and again, I discovered that it was better to kill in one fell swoop,
to achieve a good score; But you start at any distance from the enemy :expressionless:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Better to place the best weapons, which cover the different ranks :sunglasses:

Ohhh Yeah!

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first levels and getting points is already difficult :upside_down_face: I wonder how hard it is to beat big boy without any life kit :laughing:

The 6th one is probably 3 Big boy insane bots :slight_smile:

Bb minions are harder than bb on insane

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Nooooo , BB does 600-800 damage in a single turn. Minions are easy

If you drain bb then he only has annihilations left

I’m unfortunately a physical mech

What a miracle, me too

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oh man…I just cannot seem to do it without taking any damage…:cry::cry::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

btw I don’t understand how this guy did it

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same I am a physical mech as well

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Only the title has kept, now it is even more difficult… :sweat_smile:

It’s not really all that difficult, max leg/myth CL and deso work fine. Nightfall as well if you can’t get seraph (higher damage chance).

This is a bit of a hybrid build I run for this and it works pretty damn well for me. (No drone since it’d be a pointless in one shot areas, also yes my CD is overkill).

Obviously this build will be tested more once I see the higher tiers. But for now it works well and if anything, can help others think up special builds for raiding.

Clash Drone? any ideas? or is it just an idea…

CD is Cool Down, not Clash Drone o.O

(I find 252 CD for 442 heat a bit overkill, don’t think others share the same opinion).

One maxed savagery could be usefull too (i think)

cool look at mine

Those are purely close range and somewhat high damage weapons.

My build was made specifically to target three target ranges,

Ranges 1-2 - High Damage for one shots

Ranges 3-6 - Overheating/Shutdown (Will stay this way until I get two magmas to go without needing energy weapons).

Ranges 4-8 - Long range oneshots or overheatings (mostly one shots, overheating was quite difficult).

Anywho, your build is onto something, but I’d recommend getting medium ranged and log ranged weapons.

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Here other test configurations,
from what I see, we should avoid being damaged by opponents,
that’s all to achieve the greatest bonus.

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And is not it here? I would appreciate it you tell me,
remember that I will be an old player Super Mechs,
but I am new to the forum.