Raid items of the day

The key items (if possible non-premium) needed to complete today’s raid without receiving any damage.

Today for tier 4 you need 2-3 of the following items (special note: no premium items needed at all today!):

1.) Absolutely needed for the minion mechs and the boss:

Heat Bomb
Drop the bomb in the first round to shutdown the minion mechs and the boss all starting in range 3 for the rest of the battle.

2.) Alternatively needed for the 1st tank starting at distance 7:

  • Savagery + arena bonus on heat damage -> overheat the tank only allowing it to come 3 spaces closer in the first round and then be destroyed by your 2nd turn.
  • Hysteria -> drain the tank even without arena bonus only allowing it to come 6 spaces closer to be annihilated by you in your 2nd turn
  • Reckless Beam + arena bonus on physical damage (max damage 283 * 1.2 = 339.6 = 340 > 326 HP + 3 PhysRes) -> can one-shot the tank with luck (reloading often enough) with the first move

3.) Alternatively needed for the 2nd tank with starting distance 5:

  • Reckless Beam -> same situation as above
  • Night Eagle (max damage without bonus already 336) -> can one-shot the tank
  • Grim Cobra with enough arena bonus on Electrical damage (290 * 1.2 = 348 max damage > 326 HP + 2 ElRes) -> can one-shot the tank
  • Supreme Cannon with some arena bonus on Explosive Damage (315 + up to 20% = 378 > 326 HP + 2 ExRes) -> can one-shot the tank
  • Desolation with some arena bonus on Explosive Damage (310 + up to 20% = 372 > 326 HP + 2 ExRes) -> can one-shot the tank

So put on enough heat modules for heat bomb and then flatten the raid troops without taking any damage - all without a single premium item today.
Good luck.


Spartan carnage can work for No. 3?

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Sorry… I missed the “without premium items part”

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Yes, but I did not list it and other weapons like Valiant Sniper for tank starting distance 7 or Mighty Cannon for both tanks because these weapons are all premium items (only legendary - mythical).
So unless there is no non-premium item for the job I try to avoid suggesting them as they are hard to come by for many players.

Add also CL, cause if boss is at range 3, you can follow up after HB.

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Basically this build. More than enough to perfect tier 4.

(max leg HB btw).


I only mentioned the key items.
I hope everyone knows that you need to equip fitting other weapons to finish the fight.

You do not even need any of those plates.
Some heat engines would be better as you do not need to overheat then.

Oh no trust me I know I don’t. I only had them because I lazily switched from portal mech to raid mech LOL

And by the time I overheated. The mobs/walkers/boss were already perma shutdown or dead.

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This one also works:


Repulsor to increase the distance to the minion mechs or the boss after dropping Heat Bomb.
Then CL and Savagery can both fire in round 3.

But the most important part is that there are several ways to complete it and that there is no need for a single premium item.
That is also the reason I had this urge to make this topic.
I wanted to make everyone aware that they have a chance to beat the raid today even if they are F2P players who are usually worse of in the game compared to P2W players.

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And so today on Saturday raid tier 5 is open.
Conclusion after the 1st test run:

Perfect score is not possible.

Items of the day:
Torso: Brutality or Windigo (Zarkares loses out because its electrical ressistance is lower)
Legs: As many HP as possible (Best: The Claw - only movement in the entire raid is 1 teleport anyway)
1 War / Flaming Hammer
1 Heat Bomb
2 Corrupt Light
1 Teleporter
2 Heat Modules
1 Energy Protector or 1 Maximum Protector
5 HP Plates

Arena Boni of the day:
Increased Heat Damage (best at max with 20%)
Increased Electrical Resistance (the higher the better)

1.) Tanks:
Both tanks start at distance 1 and have 275 heat cap and 329 energy cap as well as 671 HP.
So one-shotting, overheating and energy-breaking them in the first move is impossible.
As such you are doomed to get 1 hit.

==> Best strategy: Use War Hammer or Flaming Hammer to push them into distance 4.
The Malice Beam (MB) they have has a lower minimum damage than their 1-2 ranged energy shotgun.
So push them in range 4, take a hit from their MB (reload until you get low damage) and then they will come back to you again. So use Hammer again and Heat Bomb or another attack to finish them off in case the 2 hammer hits are not enough.

2.) Minion mech in upper right corner:
The minion mech in the upper right corner starts at distance 7.
Teleport to range 3 or 4 and take a hit from his drone and his MB (reload if the damage is not low enough or if he does not use MB).
Then in the 2nd round drop heat bomb and use CL from then on till the mech goes down.

3.) Minion mech in upper left corner + Boss:
The minion mech in the upper left corner and the boss start at distance 3. So just deploy Heat Bomb and then keep them in shutdown with dual CL.

Good luck (mainly with the annoying RNG of the opponents’ MBs and drone).


I used purely F2P weapons today.

CLS/Myth Hb/Heat Hammer.

On a 2576 hp mech (can be done with less I just went with this). Managed a score of 5673. (24th on leaderboard).

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All Items I mentioned are F2P.
Only the optional optimal items I named are not F2P.
But as stated they are only optional in case you have them.

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The mech I ran (can be done with iron boots). This is for those who are much lazier (aka me).

Also for the walker that was the furthest away (think it’s the r5 one).

I TPed 3 spaces away from it. (since it tends to abuse GC A LOT). Refresh until you’ve taken the lowest possible damage (for me with epic protector it was 67-73 for both tanks, slightly higher for walkers and boss was instant shutdown for me). c:

Aside from my dumb input I love this topic. Do keep it up, I’m tempted to try some of these for raid myself c:

I made a wee mistake, forgot my protector. Switch the ene for protector. Hehe

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You should use a mythed Windigo or Brutality.
They might have some HP less but in exchange they have more EleRes compared to Zarkares.

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I’m planning on mything one soon. Once I finish my three other myths. That extra ele res would come in real handy!

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In terms of raid 4, people tend to overcomplicate things…


I love how the torso bug is still there lmfao no neck zarkares is what I live for


He kinda looks like a baby to be honest.

I overdid it for tier 5. I went for Ele Resist 1st, enough Heat 2nd and as many HP as possible 3rd.
The resulting mech I used for raid tier 5:

The resulting score of my best run (with lots of reloading - and by “lots” I mean “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS”):

I wish I had an Energy Protector (legendary) instead of a Heat Protector (Legendary).
The opponents in raid 5 have been mostly energy types and in raid tier 6 they have mostly been physical types ever since the raid feature started.

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