Raid day got refreshed


You will see that some of your friends are on day 4 and you are on day 3
well you can thanks ts for this

Yesterday day 3 got refreshed so if you did not checked the raid,now you are on day 3 (we should be on day 4)

i m not accusing anyone,it s a game there may come errors,but you got to solve them(doing nothing you won t solve them,ts),i m more than sure that they won t do anything in this way,so let me ask you,now do you take the tokens we worked for?

ts or some players may say:there are just few tokens chill out
atm we need more tokens since portals are useless(check heat wave topic) and prices during sales are high(and you need to buy few packs for getting at least 1 or 2 good items)

do we deserve compensation for resetting the day?

  • Yes
  • No

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It did? I never checked it but I still have Day 4


maybe you did raid after they refreshed it


I did Raid as soon as the day refreshed


Are you sure you didn’t lose a day yourself?


nope i m sure,i m very sure


It’s the lighting scope portal bug.
That portal caused bug raids.


You simple missed a day :exclamation:



I don’t think he did.


I think he did … we had often such “reports” :exclamation:

It is very simple to miss a day, and thinking you didn’t :exclamation:

I - as many others - expierenced this :exclamation:



Let’s find out.
@rrr,did you missed a day?


He already said he didn’t miss a day.


I told ya.


What he think or said can be different from what really happened :exclamation:

I think (and I am pretty sure) he simple missed a day :exclamation:



I disagree, this happened to me and many people on my server when the raid was released


So there are 2 possibilities …

  • he simple missed a day (that happens to a lot of players)

  • there is a mysterious bug


On “your” server :question:


Discord server I assume


Nope,i do all raids at 10 or 20 minutes after new raid day comes


Do you work for ts?no?
Then why you gave us your useless opinion?
Your posts are spam since you keep posting same thing over and over,since you don t have a solution or anything usefull to say i will ask you polite to don t spam this topic,thank you

Ask el metre,he had the same problem


What i tell ya Besty?