Raid Day 2 sucks


i guess it is mix matching health to compare you and the cpu
like, if you upped your mechs health bigboy health could go to 700 to 800. do you understand?


I know bigboy is off topic but im using him as an example.


If your opponent (Base defender mark II) have 219 health, a annihilation could one shot him easily


yes that too but my legs do more damage right now


Rlly, I thought raid mech hp was constant.


get one


@Dwightx not that easy buddy. I’m kind of far from 1900 tokens :frowning:


why u trynna flex your broke ass



Guide to a complete perfect day 2 raid :

  • One shot all minions bots with either Savagery , Hysteria, Frantic Brute
  • If you fail to one shot them , quits the battle before their attack animation play
  • Use rock recoiler to one shot the boss , maximum damage of the recoiler physical shotgun is exact same as Mercy , meaning its 529
  • Use shotgun on boss , if you fail , quickly quits the battle before the boss attack animation play , set the game’s speed to x1 for easier quitting , rinse and repeat until you magically one shot the boss with a solid 520 damage blast , it takes a long while but its not impossible


  • Have your HP to be as low as possible as the boss , minions HP scale with your HP to a certain limit , have your mech’s HP to be as low as possible as you will get the highest possible score anyway with all raid minions and boss one shoted

Good luck


It is actually less


Go ahead do some math, add 20%


ok wow , didnt expect this , guess my calculations were wrong then


well…self criticism is a very rare and precious thing nowadays…:smile: