Raid Day 2 sucks


Stupid boss at range 1. Can’t drain him in one turn (viking hammer not strong enough), can’t burn him in one turn (no crimson rapture), and can’t one shot him. Means I have to take 1 stupid dmg from his drone even though I have maxed Epic Electrical protector. How the hell do I do raid 2 perfectly?


I don’t know the R.A.I.D.S.'s boss energy stats, but ashen creator might do the job too

Not even with things like BackBreaker ?


Raid boss has 197 energy so ash can drain him. However even if ash creator drains him, he could stomp you. As for backbreaker, not only do I not have it, but its not powerful enough as its maxed damage is 489 with arena buffs.


You need mercy :slight_smile:


I don’t got no mercy :frowning:


Oh then… idk


This is a problem? go buy a “crimson rapture”!
But the days when without a valiant sniper not pass, that’s the problem! Especially since the days with Valiant you lose many times more the rating. than this day with crimson.


Use the phis recoiler… has same dmg as mercy… but it starts as epic.
Should do the trick.

Ps: you will need grimhole rapture on the later stages tho… also HB.


Oh yea i forgot about psyh recoiler. I will stick with my mercy anyway :slight_smile:


While you guys having problems with no damage in the early raid.

I’m here missing a whole Week of raid.


According to my math the Rock recoiler max damage with arena boost is 507.6 just shy of the 515 needed to 1-shot the boss. only options fer perfect appear to still be Mercy or Crimson rapture.

At least you can get the Crimson rapture on the precon mech


I know how to one shot him…
You need to get lucky with frantic brute when you first start, if you are lucky it wont get turns duh.
if you got maxed out myth savagery than it is also possible.


Unfortunately, he’s at range 1, so frantic brute can’t be fired. If he was at range 7, I could valiant him.


then do that, it is very helpful.
Also, i’d rather complain about the red raid tier mechs, than the stupid first four tier raids.


If no crimson rapture / valiant sniper (sometimes), there’s no way to do it perfectly

best thing you could ever get is 1 point difference. Not too bad though, keep doing your best and you would have 100-150 tokens.


you start at 0 range, sticked, Frantic Brute has range 3-6, it has no logic


if i was to start at range 0 my grave digger woulda one shot it, 325 damage btw.


325? one shot him? NO


what his health for me was 219 wtf