Raid bug or not?


I finished Raid 3. But some have finished Raid 4. I think I did not miss the raid, did I miss it all the same bug?


The only possible reason is that you missed a day


I think the same way, but some top players have finished the same Raid 3.
Once there was a mistake when one day it was possible to complete two raids …


Nah, you missed a day. Other people missed it too, you see.


You just forgot it :v


Strange it happened t o me as well @Smirk @Berserk40000 help please


Players please, you simple missed a day … I also often miss a day, that happens faster than you can think :exclamation:

Not everything is bug / glitch / etc. :exclamation:

I had often longer and strange conversations with some players about, but they simple missed a day :exclamation:

Why they missed a day, is a different story :exclamation:



this is not true! I have an account with the base function and I know for sure that the raid was taking place, but the next day I see that I stayed on the same day of the raid. I thought that I missed the day and began to pass = deja vu overtook me)) this day I passed 100%
I needed to change weapons, but I was lazy, it happened for the first time therefore I remembered this day!
I passed it two days in a row! this is a bug!


there is a bug!!! Fix my broken raid


99% of the time you missed simple a day :exclamation:


No bug :exclamation:

If there would be, many players would expierence such a bug :exclamation:

But they dont, once a week around, one - who don’t get that she/he simple missed a day - start a raid-missing-day-bug thread :exclamation:



Can you explain why I remember every bot in the raid? And the fact that I need hysteria for better results. which I was too lazy to install! It was all this raid day, twice!
I will repeat for the third time: for the first time I was too lazy to install the right weapon and go through the raid again!
and so two days the same day raid!

This account is not important to me, so I don’t make a fuss, I don’t care, it’s still impossible to pass the last day of the raid!
oh yes, it happened for the first time. By the way, before this bug I had trouble logging in, and I often had a refresh in the campaign / clan / raid - everywhere.