Rage purchase = Bad!


Out of anger of the loss of like over 10 stars or something, I went and purchased a premium pack and box which was an absolute disappointment

Was excited about 3 legendaries until i saw what they were :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Did not sooth my anger even a little bit

Some of you may think this is good but I say 3 legs are just rubbish and help me in no where

I also got an epic malice beam was disappointing.


At least you,for instance,got some goldies.A fair amount too!
Myth food.
Also,I was happy to get a pair of legendary Charged Walkers for my little drainer.
I’d like another pair for Naga,too.


I feel you man.
I am the proud owner of 70 legendaries…out all those only 3 are kinda usable( semy since desert fury,bloodweep,sweetie). But the rest is pure crap.
Some may say, they are good, use them as myth food… i ask what to myth with them?
I mean what should i myth? My 7th mech?
The good legebdaries are not accesable to us… only to a few.
After 92k tokens spent… not a single myth plate? Not a single myth protector?
Just sayin…

Modules from premium packs?



Don’t skip leg day

this is hidden


good material for fusion!

atm I have only saved 2 legendaries in my inventory, 1 spartan and 1 heat drone. The rest all for fusion.


Myth hp plates are unicorns . I was SUPER lucky to get 1 but that was initial open of reloaded . Tacticsoft should offer them for money or kig should just be Santa and give everyone at least 1.



Absolute disappointment?
I’ve never gotten a legendray from a box before and those legendraies can be used as myth food


it’s good to have three legendary? i will be happy lol and i never had 3 legendary always 2


you can buy directly from kig or madao or the russian group. They now lowered the prices of accounts.

That is, buyers are noticed to from far who they are! uniformed everyone. they all have equal accounts.


Things seem to be business as usual :slight_smile: