R.i.p super mechs | true update review

How are you feeling about killing your own game?


This “”“update”"" is kinda a FRAUD to ALL of us player, to ALL who spend/spent real money, also to ALL F2P players, who invested an unbelievable amout of time !

That being said, its also a DISREPECTFULL way from tacticsoft, to NOT doing anything against the players who exloid the “all for free”-bug/glitch for MONTHS ago and now even since days in that NEW game system !!!

Really shame on you tacticsoft … <<< I would NEVER say such things, BUT in this case you deserve this saying !

R.I.P SuperMechs

My friends, my sponsor and also me WILL NEVER spend 1 more cent into this game !

I didnt played this game for 4 and more years, to get scammed of all my power of my account - and I really had the most powerfull account in this game !(+200,000 tokens BOUGHT !!!)

AND all started when Ilona left tacticsoft, and players were not anymore punished for anything worse they did …

  • exploiding bugs and glitches to their avantage (!!!)
  • sexuall harrashments in the chat DAILY
  • DEATH THREATS to me - a seriously one, where “ElMetre” said he will found out my personal data and will kill me"
    (I have unedit video PROVE of this) - NOTHING done from you about)
  • etc. etc. etc.

I am that far now that I am allowed to say what tacticsoft did and do right now is AGAINST a lot of LAWS !

I am thinking of contacting my lawer about all this what happend here, and GOD knows if tacticsoft will have to pay a great compensation that will be 100% the end of tacticsoft !

^^ THAT is NOT a threat, I am just telling what YOU made me to think about after all what happend / happens now here !

I know every company / game needs their income, all cost a lot, devs, office, hardware, software, even cleaning personal (I am sure roccotano4 do a great job at tacticsoft as toiletboy), BUT what you did now is WAY OVER the boarder !

You could have gained even more money with :

  • hearing YOUR players
  • give them a voice
  • repspect their opinions
  • listening to top-players who know all from this game
  • give US players a really good update, with consider the current game issues (like the cheating) and player wishes

BUT not with (saying) lieing colour kits were removed by “”“accident”"", and NOW they are back and cost tokens and even for the donated tokens for the colours to remove it costs NOW ???

^^ that is only 1 example from around 10 - 15 horrible points you made, watch video from Madao San … YOUR biggest youtuber of YOUR game !



I agree with you, this is a FRAUD, the only reason I bought 170 USD of tokens is to get new MYTHICALS. Then this update came out and I basically wasted 170 USD just for fusion power, really Tacticsoft?

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This is the greatest fraud wat about so much time we spent ;wat was the point of collecting our stuff and spending ;if we were to again become noobs after spending so much time . We are not some addicts that will spend time and money again to reach same level we were before cuz now much better games are available .
Why shud we for any reason forced to start everything again jeez ?
If u want money that bad just say maybe some will donate

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Spent my time on this game if I could’ve just study my notes :confused:

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Yes i once failed in test cuz i ended up playing a lot late at night lol

Madao did a good job when he made this video.

But it seems developers spit on this and on players.

I want my 170 dollars back or else we will start world war 3



This is a sad time…

I want all my time given back . with that much time spent if i had studied i had topped in class and who knows maybe i cud have got better hangout with frnds ;all that time i spent over other things is lost for no reason such a shame…


feel the same way…
the developers don’t give a sht about us

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I really like the new changes but !!! I have also invested a ton of time and money into the game.
The major issue I am having is I can not even upgrade the items I have with the amount of gold I have.
I will not have time to earn the gold in the next 30 days.
SO what then ???
It is a simple issue of math.
I do not have the gold to take all my old items and use them to upgrade new items.
I do not have the time to get the new items that would be worth up-grading.
I have played this fame for over 3 years , maybe way longer and I have a ton of items.
For me it is not really even a option of want too. Because I would love to work up a new mech.
It is a mater of time. I do not have the time so my only option will be to spend money for tokens and gold.
That is not right . I can not speak for everyone but I can speak for a group of people who have spent hundreds of dollars to support this game . You have given us no option but to spend more money . Do the math . No one who has over 1000 items has the gold to upgrade the items they have and get new items without spending money.
Now this is just bad business , At the least you need to let people upgrade items for free with the existing items they have.
It would be nice to be able to trade in a myth for a role at a new item.

Here some more facts :

New update, started to play yesterday.
Have in mind I had the most powerfull account of this game (+200,000 bought tokens / +200 full fused items/mythicals).

  • I converted 98,000,000 SM Coins.
  • I used +13,000 tokens = 200 $ !!! (from my left 17,000 tokens)
  • I had 3460 items
  • I used 800 items to boost


1 full fused mech with “random” mythicals

I win very easy 1v1 (around 1200 - 1700 HP left) against “avarage” players (also top players from old version) with some good myths, because it is now totally unbalanced !

I lose to “players” (cheaters), who have the best available mythicals already also full fused with opponent left 1000 - 1200 HP !

Of course they bought 50,000 tokens = 800 $ to get all that best stuff full fused !

Of course WE ALL are DUMB and believe in miracles !

So …

WHAT I have to do with my rest of 2660 items ???

WHAT to do with my +200 full fused items, which fusion is now close to nothing worth anymore OVER night ?

I am out of Gold Coins, I am soon out of tokens !

WE, my friends, my sponsor and me, will NEVER invest 1 single cent into this game anymore !

Because of all this very messed up updates.
Because of you still let cheaters play this game !



Super Mechs: The Revolution

lmao it sounds like a Z-category budget sci-fi movie :joy:

i’m thinking about to quit this game ;-;

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Madao got banned (possibly) because of this post. I’m sorry if itnwas because of me