Quote Line: New Forum Game?

Can I start a game
So you write a random quote the next person tries to guess who said it, and so on
Pretty self explanatory if you ask me so ill start:
“It’s a beautiful day to be BURNING IN HELL”

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“It’s a good thing that war isn’t pleasant, lest we never get tired of it”

Oh, and Sans the Skeleton.

“Dying is gay”
-A great man

The Heavy Weapons Guy actor (idk wat his name is)

“Get busy living or get busy dying”
-An educated man

BTW every new post should have a guess for who said the last quote and a new quote

Andy Dufresne

Love one another

-Racist man

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Trust no one, Not even yourself

“Give a lil kiss to an oncoming train”

Some dude in a movie?

“It’s gonna take more than THAT to finish me off”

“Live the life you are suppose to live, not the life you want to live”

  • the person who typed this

some wise dude
“I am fabulous”

Do none of you understand what he said?

Do none of you understand what he said?

Get it through your head, it being a bullet.

john wick

“Lights, Camera, Action! OOOOO is that a mirror?”