Quitting SM ( Probably joining BD after this... )

What is this?

Alright, let me go straightforward to the point. I’m Quitting ( for sure, no one cares but its fine )

##Why are you quitting?

I’m quitting because I genuinely wasn’t satisfied with the update and I highly doubt that there will be even any significance for me to even continuing playing. I increased my expectations for the update but I was sad to see that it’s basically not even good for me.

For sure, a change is good but we need to adapt to it. That’s not the case for me because what I’m seeing is the change didn’t make me adapt at all instead, it’s the other way around.

I’m not saying that I hate it to the extent of being such a vulgar person but what I’m just saying is that I hate it the fact that I even highly increased my expectations and I guess I can’t blame that to the game since it’s the game itself who changed but not me as a player. I am NOT quitting as a part of the hate bandwagon or #SMUnreloaded stuff like that but because I’m already tired enough of this game’s new updates.

I don’t know for the others but this is my reason. I am not taking a break, I am literally quitting.

Where are you going now?

I might either play BD or play my other games like CSS or TF2. I might also join the BD forums and join in the discussion or even play the game itself as my personal drug. Or as usual, fanart related stuff.

My thoughts on the new update

I think I’ll rate it a 6/10. Change is good but it’s very hard for me to continue/adapt from the start and also noting the features that I dislike like the cost of fusing. I highly dislike 2/3 portion of the update to be honest.

Also, I’m not suggesting for others to quit too because again, each player has a different preference on the game and this update didn’t satisfy my needs.

Anyways, goodbye and I hope you don’t actually care about me leaving lol :slight_smile:


Take care :slight_smile: i hope ur expirerience in game was life teaching .

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the game doesn’t make you adapt, you adapt to the game.

and battledawn isn’t very much like supermechs btw so be prepared for that if you’re serious about going over to bd


Again, I’m not into that kind of preference but then, I’m not against it. I understand that I should ( as a player ) be the one who must adapt to any changes on the game but I would only try adapting to it when I actually enjoy it but when I tried so, I didn’t enjoyed it :frowning:

Yes mocha its upto personal take if u like it or not afcourse we shud only play a game if we really like it or we are just fooling our mind