Quits and quitters

these uncountable (not new) quitters are annoying!
it’s respectless and often out of reason (that they would lose).

‘Publish’, just show the number of quits in the charts/ranking related to player and clan.
Without any comment or consequences (exept the already shown loses).

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Pffft. Happened all the time with battle credits. If I had a gold piece for every battle credit I lost I would have fully fused reloaded mechs. Get over it


this is not related to topic, se77en.

What is this suggestion? To lable a player as for quits or quitters?
This post is obsolete if that’s your version of the quitting feature being unacceptable.

Here you can find an upgraded version of your post similar to my previous post that was also obsolete because of this newer model in stock today.

Previous if you’re interested in seeing it.