Quick little poll (again)

OOkay,so choose one.I’m gonna get the winner.

Some of them are kinda hard to find,so if the no.1 is unobtainable,I’ll just get no.2 and so on.

  • Imperial Storm Trooper (search it;it’s the rugged kind)
  • First Order Snow Trooper Officer (With orange pauldron)
  • First Order Snow Trooper (with cape/hoodie w/o pauldron)
  • First Order Jet Trooper
  • Carbonized First Order Jet Trooper (beige,not carbon-black)
  • Death Trooper
  • Clone Commander Bly
  • Captain Cardinal

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I can only get one of these.
Otherwise no more money for guns and GT Sanction.


Digging the Jet and the Snow troopers the most tbh,yet I can see an imperial one hanging up somewhere in a weird spot making someone’s day.

Maybe ‘‘fighting’’ one of my plants or something,I don’t know.

I voted Death Trooper because it sounds the coolest

I don’t have the slightest clue what it is lmao


The death troooper figurine:

It’s a matte black,skinnier storm trooper with an elongated helmet.
Really,it’s an abomination.But it’s cool.

Taken from net.

And this is the FO Snow Trooper Officer (real photo):


As always,the color black looks badass and evil,so lets roll with it


Looks like there’s a silver version in stock,too.

But it’s the OG Storm Trooper,not First Order.


Thats so satisfying to my ocd

But i still choose black


Yeah…The best one I could get in the end was the FO Jet Trooper…Aka the one that got 0 votes.

That’s what happens when you have no card and instead have to rely on delivery payment.


Ayy just looked it up that one ain’t bad either

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I prefer the more paintball style, white but with patches of light green, blue and pink, looking like they were made from where the paintballs hit, that style is always cool

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