Questions i have


what is the purpose of earth/why did the earth be created?
whats that thing about those snake men in the government?
why do some people think the government is hiding some of the world most greatest artifacts and covering up great mysteries answers?
these are 3 questions i have been thinking about
and i have many more questions but i think those ones are good enough for now

refer to this post for the new set of questions

  1. Earth exists to sustain us
  2. Yeah. These snake men were crosbred from snakes and humans. It’s a furry’s dream. Maybe we’ll see fox girls next.


Earth exists because of the Big Bang.


y u creatse so many bait topics


um no there not for that purpose


THat’s he :b


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earth exists because its pyramidal form optimizes organism growth


Umm, earth exist because umm… my englsh skills haven’t enough to explain it :v


I don’t know.
After all,it was created and it will be destroyed in the end.Plus we do not do anything for the universe and all.Our whole existence is pointless on a macroscopic scale.We are virtually nonexistent on the bigger picture and even less helpful for it.

There will always be snakes.Everywhere.
Greed is bound to us.It’s a human being thing.Some are too greedy,others are too good.

I would normally have too mucj to say about this subject,but I’ll only tell you my conclusion.
To keep the population under control,of course.


thank you for that very long but great answers
by the way how is the slaughter house going or have you stopped @L4K3


Elon working on catgirls


I just thought of something, what’s the point of living if we’re gonna be forgotten one day?


It’s on stand-by.
Haven’t unleashed it in a while.Fear not,though;it shall be released again when the time requires it.


No point.Especially not us,regular humans aka. the mass or the horde or whatever you wanna call the average people’s society.

Meybe we would’ve mattered if we were such persons that would leave a dent in history,like Adolf (Not saying his full name as not to get flagged),Lincold,Ferdinant,egipteans,sumerians etc.

Actually,not even then.If we were “VIP’s” or a group of whatever scale to have a big impact on humanity,we would matter only on the microscopic scale.On the macroscopic scale,we mean nothing.Wr cannot change the universe.We will fade away and nothing of us will remain.

The planet will no longer support life anymore.We can not colonize another planet (not with out technology or our resources.It takes too much to transport so little in space,don’t even get me started how hard it would be to transport carriers oyt of our orbit that has so many broken satellite parts and shit,in space,even a small screw can destroy a carrier because of the huge speed,don’t make me explain,please) as it’s already too late for us to succesfully do that anymore.

We can send ships on other planets,yes.But we can never,never colonize one and change it so that it could support human life.

We can not travel to another Earth-like planet either.Way too many reasons for that that I don’t feel like going into.

And when our planet is either too polluted that even the mist expensive filters can’t filter,or when it is inhabitable due to too much plundering,global heating thus climate changes,super-viruses that have developed a resistance to too many drugs,of war and multiple micro-scale armed conflicts and so,soo many other things…

After all those…We will die.Maybe our planet will last enough to regenerate and support life again before the Sun dies and wipes out our Milky Way with it…Even then,not even that revolutionary generation will not matter.

We can’t do anything on macro scale.We are powerless.We try to go on other planets despite the fact that our technology and even future,super advanced technology can’t do anything about it because of our already gaping resources…Yet we are trapping ourselves in here nore and more everyday.

Yes,we are trapping ourselves.When satellites are destoyed into tiny little bits by other tiny little bits of satellites that go at humongous apeeds that,as I said earlier,even a simple screw can screw up a large satellite or a medium carrier (pun intended),they will soon form some kind of high-speed barrier of tiny bits that will make takin off our planet harder and harder due to accumulating into a mass and making it extremely difficult not to get hit of when launching in space.

We are already doomed.We did not contribute to anything on the bigger picture.


And yes,I read a lot about this shit.Sorry if I missed soemthing out or didn’t explain properly.


You should have released it when Chicken little was being annoying


oh okay any ways are you guys ready for the next questions i have or you still want to talk about these ones


Were taking a reeeealy long test, it’s like, seventy to one hundred years long, when we die we will see if we pass with a 100% , a 85% , a 70% , or a fail.


I have questions too

Who are you?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Where are you?
What is this place?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Where are you?
What is this place?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Where are you?
What is this place?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Where are you?
What is this place?