Questions about myth food

is it possible to use legendary power kits to boost a max level legendary to myth provided with me having other legendaries?

Legendary power kits help you to ever your mythical item upgrade way up.
Myth foods are for lame legy items.

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ok. im upping an epic one and was just wondering. ok.

Well I say up the epic one to full legy, and use it when you get the item (whatever it is) to mythical, use it first. It does 400k power, about 40 levels. Costs about 300-400ish thousand so make sure you have enough gold/coins/money.

I tried transforming an item with power kits and it didn’t work. SM probably thought it was too easy.

dude, to make it work u need to have them highly upgraded. an epic power kit can get a mythical to level 20 in one go.

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Well yeah, a max power kit (lvl 40 legy) will get about 40 levels done with about 300-400k gold while a lvl 1 legy one will only get you a few levels (even less than a max epic).