[Question] What causes control ticks on colonies to drop?


Well in one of the era’s I’m playing my colony has not relocated or ever been conquered yet, but when I was planning to relocate recently I noticed I was only on 44 control ticks? This world is over tik 100 by the way, and I’ve never lost control of my colony


Control ticks will reset if you relocate, get conquered, are liberated, or are force relocated. Nothing else should reset your control ticks. Are you positive you didn’t get conquered by someone and then released? If so, you may want to directly contact the admin of the world your in to check on it. He should be able to view the circumstance that caused it.


Beat me to post @Malicewolf… But you did miss out when you leave or get kicked from an alliance your control ticks will be reset.


Yup, that is true. Thank you for mentioning that! Forgot that part :slight_smile:


Ahh ok, that explains it. Must have reset when I left my alliance. thanks!


Yeah, When you left TWO to join PMTs your Control ticks would have reset, causing you to have to wait.