Question on some legacy items


The torso looks like a Grim Reaper to me.

Physical weapon I’m not sure about. I do know it has another version with 2 barrels though.


Call Of Lightning :slight_smile:

Metrolens Torso


we better ask the owner…
@Not_Thomas_Gauthier…let us know?


Call of lightning

Hellfire armor?


Thanks. My legacy memories are deteriorating lol.


Resistance drainer ver physical is the armor anniliator , aka my favorite L-M phys weapon of all time :heart:


the physical wepon is yellow its not that good other than having no cost the sword is call of lightning the body is grim reaper the drone is evil spark and the legs are lighning suporters

Hey guys could we work on trying to find all the old draining items


From what I can remember,I think the physical weapon underneath the hysteria is called “caseus”:thinking:


Its called Yellow its a physical weapon that does 64-75 damage and has 10 heat cost


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