Question on some legacy items


anyone remember the X-ray, B-ray, A-ray, and the three resistance drainers
well i made this poll for fun but which ones would you like to bring back (multiple choice)

  • A-ray
  • B-ray
  • X-ray
  • Resistance drainer (physical)
  • Resistance drainer (heat)
  • Resistance drainer (electric)

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Where is all and none option?


None, we already have stronger replacements


i mean remakes of these weapons which would have maybe 40 res drain at legendary and 50 res drain at mythical


That is a definite hell naw on literally EVERYONE’s part…

40/50 drain just defeats the purpose of running res protectors at all imo.


That’s the result after reloaded



but it uses a turn though




I don’t think the energy and heat resistance drainers will be useful in this time.

I’m pretty sure the devs will give it very low damage. Legacy players will know that the Resistance Drainers deal no damage at all, they just drain resistance.

Back then, only these weapons can break resistance. Nowadays pretty much every weapon can break resistance so, bring these old weapons back and they will only serve as myth food.


(kof) (kof) annihilation (needle blaster), ash creator, windingo (usa mark 1), nighmare (god mode) yoshimo (archimode),


Nightmare is not a godmode lmao


Dude, Brutality is God Mode lol.

You’re starting to lose those memories meng.

And those legacy time I talked about was back in 2012 not 2015 lol.


Eh as far as I remember
The difference between the 3 Rays and drainers was only about 1
Means let’s take X-ray
So x Ray did 9 explosive resistance drain
Resistance drainer (explosive one )did 8
So what’s the point of the remaining 3


there was a rere version of the resistance drainers which had -9 drain

the x-ray is electric





hey can any of the still playing legacy players post them (i know its unlikely to find one or to still have one but can we still try)


OK so my screenshot won’t work so i am going to put my legacy ID (it has X-ray) and can someone screenshot it
my player ID is 13996323


is that a metrolens?


Blue sword is Lightning (I think, don’t remember)

Top blue weapon is X-ray, the only weapon that can drain resistance back in 2013 or so.


i meant the torso, and also he has some physical weapon under hysteria which i don’t remember either…