[Question] Has your mind gone on "Auto-Pilot"?

My question is, Has your mind gone on “Auto-Pilot”?

Basiclally, it’s when you do stuff without paying attention.

One of my instances was when I was making hotdogs, poured hot water on a drinking glass and put them there. I then got a glass of water and drank from it, took out the hotdogs after a few seconds and cooked them.

After a while I went inside and put my glass of water in the drain, then drank the hotdog water. It never felt, or tasted nice.


It happens if you don’t have enough sleep. You do dumb stuff without thinking at all, and you can’t even bother.

Sometime I done my homework without thinking…
After that I always “did I just sleep?”

Yes, when it comes to math I just run completely on Auto-Pilot

If I’m on a laptop the first thing I do on the web browser is open YouTube, even if I don’t actually wanted to watch YouTube.


My man there buddy.

If you don’t have will to do anything, you do that anyway and then acquire the will to remain there.

Action creates the motivation, even though motivation for that action never existed as a primary drive for the occurrence of that action.

Which is why so many people struggle from depression. The way to break free from depression indeed is, taking action, acquiring motivation from that action and breaking the cycle.


Sadly, that occurrence of sudden motivation for taking action happens when the suffering of not taking any action is greater than taking it.

Which is a deeply embedded complex into many humans. My self included.

That’s why it’s so hard to start doing something and breaking free from depression.

The feeling of despair when something overwhelming emerges and requires a lot of “action” is what creates it.

The a person falls into a loophole of that. Which gives that bad, helpless feeling of the urge to not take any action but remain motionless in the bed.

That’s the most exact definition for depression, if you ever had it you know.

My mind is on auto every second…

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I am dropping too many wisdom knowledge bombs around.

Hopes you don’t mine me fellas~

I’ve driven 30 minutes between two locations and not remembered a single second of driving before


There’s about only 2 completely legal stories here.

What has this thread become, and where the hell did the depression sh*t come from.

I just asked for instances from where ya’ll did something the wrong/right way without thinking

does muscle memory count

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Yep I have mastered that technique when the teacher is writing on the board I copy copy copy while talking to my friend even doing mathematical calculations but when she i s done writting I am still with updated work but my friend be like Naaaah I will not write a and just talk lol

That’s… called multitasking, not going auto-pilot.


you stole what I was gonna say

but honestly

driving without realising is scary

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Yeah, freaked me the hell out.