Question for developers

whether a new campaign will be inserted or you will tell us when a new campaign will be launched since 99% of the player crossed the entire current campaign. I see that the new campsite 3.0 has been announced whether it will be dropped soon

That is not true.

Btw i think we don’t need a new campaign, at least for now.

how do we not need when we move over and what to do next

and I asked the developers questions

Of course now no one will have a story to eat

when I put a serious question there is no one, and when someone brings out something all the flights this is serious and important for the players

and you could at least say something

Now they sleep. Wait for tomorrow.


Announced… Is just an idea, bro.

Do you say that because you truly enjoy this campaign (hah), or because many abuse the shit out of the campaign reset/lvl reset for tokens/coins/items?

@KilliN is right
we don’t need a new campaign
i think we need more levels rather than campaign coz 150 is really limited

I’m going to work when I’ve covered the whole campaign. Please, tell me

They are still sleeping … sure yesterday they took a plidex …

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First of all, dear arrogant friend, i said we don’t need, not that i don’t want.
Account reseting was fixed days ago.
Making a new campaign would take time of the developers and i preffer they to spend time in something better than a new campaign.

i agree i want a new campaign

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I hope you’re right. KilliN

? Lol.

If there is any nonsense from the update, I will stop playing and the majority

There’s any big update planned afaik.

We have PMs in forum Lol