Question for Admins and Survey to players

Hello everyone.
The one who remembers me will have noticed that i stopped playing since the new update.
Well, my question for administrators is: Do they plan to solve something about the anger of many people by the new version?

They could re-release the old version and leave the acutal as “Super Mechs 2” (only a proposal) I would like some Administrator or Moderator to respond to this.

**(1)-**You want to ask you Would you agree with the proposal that I have explained?
**(2)-**Do you like this new version
**(3)-**Are you angry about this new version?

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Note: If you do not understand something, excuse me, I do not speak English very well.

They’re not going to take it back. Just try your best to accept it.

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I’m not angry about the new version, I’m frustrated with how they treated players who have been here for years and in some cases spent 100s and 1000s of dollars and basically erased all their progress with zero recompense.

Also - the hideous lack of communication after the fact, and the generic “we’re listening and implementing changes” responses.


I cant wait until the devs add battle credits back and can only be bought and refueled with tokens


I love the idea of super mechs classic and the new super mechs. Runescape did much the same thing they have a classic server and a new version server. But how much money would it cost tacticsoft to make a dedicated classic server?

Not trying to argue or anything but old players that have a huge stockpile of legacy items have a huge advantage over new players. Really if you have a ton of legacy items all you need is gold to fuse and a few updated items to transform. So it is possible for legacy players to have very strong mechs very, fast and a lot cheaper in both time and money than it will be for new players. It was kind of messed up though that they basically reset the top players though. But it is also kind of neat to see a variety of mechs in the top 10 instead of 10 god modes all armed with deferent types of the same mythic missile launchers.
I am still on the fence about this update I hope it will be good but idk.

Moderators have zero to do with the game itself. They only maintain behavior on the forums. The only perk they may get is just a little extra notice on updates coming from hear say, but they have no additional powers or pull with the game itself. Just wanted to make that clear real quick :slight_smile:



random sentence to fool the forum system

With the purchase of chips by the players that would not be a big problem. It is annoying that the administration does not give a shit the opinion of its users.


I have no idea how servers work lol I build doll houses and doll furniture for a living. :mouse:

Okay, me less. I just responded to what you said in such a case that it is so.

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I love your idea though. classic and new servers is a good one!