Question for a exchange of obsolete items for premium packs


On the forum I saw a topic where a person with obsolete items used some one-time offer to exchange old things for premium packs.
how to do it? I was asked by the player who returned recently.
and I do not know what to say to him.

There were screenshots in the subject and the player is very unhappy with the items received. Only 5 legends appear from 200 or more premium packages.\

tell me how to do it.


u been prank’d/trolled/gnomed/rick rolled, brutha


does not look like it


Are you sure they didn’t just buy 200 packs and showed them? Do they have any screenshots of them exchaning old items for packs?


just buy 100 premium pack today
trusta me


I would exactly do the same if there’s 33500 Tokens burning down a hole on my SM inventory.


No, he said that he took advantage of a one-time offer for the exchange of obsolete things!




No, I don’t understand, is it possible in more detail?


I mean dis
(Just found it in madao san video)
(and ofc i still remember dis shet)
(But i m still not sure about 200? premium box)


Oh, good. did not know about it.


md close the topic!


When did this happen? I returned around December of 2017, and I didn’t get this.


that deal only for guys who played before reloaded… that convertation old resurce in new (sm coins in gold or in prem boxes) and you can take it 1 time if you isnt check account after reload…


Dude, I played before reloaded (2013) and still didn’t get it.