Question about torso

How good is the Zarkares? Got it in legendary form…


It’s one of the best torsos. But it’s heavy and therefore will depend heavily on your mod/weapons choice. What type are you if I may ask?


Heat mech
20 20 20 20

What’re your weapon choices?

  • Unless you’re just starting as a heater. Then I’ll ask which type would you like to be, damage heater or mass boiler?

Currently mass boiler

Ah, a tough type to play. May I see your mods/weapons choices and overall stats?


Switch out both the epic shotgun/flame thrower for another CL. Put in the second CL, with a repulsor hidden behind one. And as for the top, you can go for vandal/savagery or Vandal/Desolation (make your build slightly less energy requiring).

As for mods, I’d recommend two plates (iron or plat doesn’t matter atm), probably two heat/one cooling booster, two energy engines. And utilities, since you’re a heater, Nemo will help you get those overheats/shutdowns much quicker than Clash. But if you prefer clash then the build Can still work with it.

Also, if you can find a pair, change those Scorching Feet for Devouring Paws. (1 less KG and much higher overall damage).

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Means Corrupt light in case you didn’t know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks! was definitely considering getting the Devouring Paws… besides that i was also planning to switch out the shotgun and flamethrower :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem! If you need anymore advice don’t be afraid to ask!

And smart. Makes a massive difference. (although if you can spare weight, maybe try iron boots. That HP may boost you but for now Dev Paws is ur goal).

Zark is the best troso as Trans said…i use him still

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Best torso in da game.


Whats a repulsor? can you send me a pic of their stats?

The rare-epic utility side weapon which deals few phys damage and 3 tiles knockback

(There is a legend-myth tho…USELESS ! ^^)

nice, the 3 knockback is really a must have since i dont have effective weapons at close range ^^

Range 2-4, I forgot to mention

guess my strategy would be stomp, and use the gun then

It’s up to you ^^


The Best Torso In Game