Question about game

when flash is no longer will supermechs transfer to a different provider or whats gonna happend?

  • Desktop version on PC
  • Mobile version will remain untouched

what about for us people who cant download it? will they release on HTML

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Why can’t you download it?

school computer so big rip



Tbh I don’t know what you can do


same here major F
and to curz * does wires*

I’m not sure but newgrounds has a thing for that and you can play supermechs on their website with the newgrounds flash player, but i’m not entirely educated on whether this is true or not.

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link now please if you dont mind

Link to what? Newgrounds?


its categorized as mature games
im on a school laptop

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I play it on a school chromebook just fine

That webpage still uses flash, so not possible in 2021 either.

it required flash it says

I was reading the newground forums or whatever their called and they mentioned something about newgrounds keeping some kind of flash or web player, But like I said im not entirely sure

New grounds has an alternate media player(A bit buggy) never really tested it out for myself,since i switched to ios

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school computer…You play this on SCHOOL COMPUTER !!!