Question about fusion?

Is there any difference between fusing power kits to fuse hulls or just using random crap to fuse hulls?

Don’t use power kits nor fuse into them (unless you’ve legacy items in them). I believe you lose power from them, over using random crap to fuse.

(I think an older member may be able to explain it to you more if there’s one lurking around).

Do you know the fastest way to max fuse a mythical item?

Fastest (and dumbest way) would be to fuse myths into it (waste of power).

Fastest (smartest) way is I guess by stocking up rares/shitty epics and fusing them. Idk really, I just fuse whatever junk I get til 49 then burn commons/rare to 50 (so as not tow waste power).

Could you show me a pic of a fuse hull?

Items of same type give more power.

So if you want to max for example a heat torso, fusing same exact heat torso gives maximum power.

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But 70% of people are too lazy to do that

But now you can easily do it with the mass selecter

The mass selctor never works for me.