Question about clan ranking

Right now Hard to kill is 1st and they have 81% wins and Reign Reforged is 2nd and they have 84% wins. Is that right?
I thought having more % of wins makes you higher on the ranking?
Did they change this in the update or something?

And this is when you belive there is a logical algorith behind this game exists.
There is none, sometimes win/ration matters, sometimes only wins matter… and sometimes… nobody knows… actualy nobody knows is like the general rule on things here.


I am beginning to really hate this game @El_Metre
I like logic and this game is not logical…

This is logical, the system is based on players win who in the clan. For example in this case, hardtokill has won a lot of players from reign clan (more than 50%), others clan (the lions…) and maybe top player from no clan, so they are 1st it’s simple.

This game hasn’t been logical for years now…

You came to the game too late… :frowning:


It’s not the game, as Spoc always said HUMANS are illogical, this game was created by said Humans as far as I know anyway.

i have a question me why you posted this??

Because HardToKill is great !



The “quality” of your wins has some bearing on ranking, so say winning one game in 3v3 vs the top player will account for better ranking than winning 10 1v1 battles against lower ranking players. I don’t know the math they use but that’s the gist of it.


HTK top


Because I wanted to understand how ranking works.
Why do you think I asked this?

I’ve definitely noticed my 1v1 ranking depends a lot on who I beat/lose to. When I lose to someone in the top 50, I only lose a rank or two. When I beat someone who is ranked like 300, I barely gain anything. I assume clan ranking works about the same.

No, its different.

I know how it works !


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