Question About Clan Boxes

If you join a high level clan with lots of wins, do you get all the rewards for those wins instantly or do you actually have to be in the clan when they got the reward?

This one.

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I joined a clan that was missing 6 victories and they still gave me the 50 tokens

you mean you came when the clan was for exemple at 94/100 ?

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Well, when the last 6 wins was achieved, you were in the clan…so you get the box, even if you didn’t contributed ^^


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Wow,now that is indeed something…
Did we just discover another exploit?


I can smell the clan shoppers taking full advantage of this one.

I could do that to…I mean,easy source of free stuff…
But I won’t.
I am loyal to my guys here in the clan and I’d appreciate it if other won’t use this as an exploit tactic either…It’s better to play fair.


@Sarah247 seems theres a small exploit to claim multiple clans gifts by joining different clans. should be limited to 1 of each chest no matter what clan you are in.


It was never my intention to discover it I wanted to enter the clan and it was a pleasant surprise, I say this because it is VERY POSSIBLE TO REMOVE THE 50 TOKENS, why do I say this, WHY THE PAST I WAS NOT GIVEN MY LEGENDS FROM THE REWARDS AND IN VES DE DARMELA REMOVED ME THE REWARD …

Regrettably, honesty is one of values ​​that is most frequently listed as low in this game.

Sometimes it worries, because most of players are very young people, sometimes teenagers and I wonder if that is the way they hope to behave in life. Skip the rules, take advantage of the weaknesses of systems, crushing the head of whoever using any trick. Is that what people learn in these games?

But the fault is not entirely theirs, everything that is done in the game, is done because it´s allowed. When you send a fair report and never find out what has been done, how, or when a review of the reported account was made. When you see that the cheaters are still acting in total impunity. When the leaders of important clans protect the hackers (they, who should set the example for all). When moderators of forum hide the issues that speak of hackers and account sellers, because it is bad publicity. When only the economic and selfish interests of each prevail, and ethics takes second place … can you blame them entirely for what they do?

Of course these are not educational games, they are not made for people to learn morality. But administrators should at least show that every bad act has its consequence. It´s what is missing here: human values.


ok Chicken Drink

what do you get your clan gift right now?

200 win 30 refill ,500 win / 20 000 SM , 1000 win / box clan and 5000 win / 100 tokens

can be change reward

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The Clan’s box only had 1 epic to me. I think it was an epic for most of us. I do not know if someone inour clan got a legendary.

It’s a box of 75 tokens, only if they had given us the 75 tokens it would be better. With 75 t. you get 2 refill and could get some epic and even some legendary.


Next reward is 200 wins. But for all the rewards before that, I didn’t get anything.

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This thread=no man’s land

ok, I know that lasts until the end of the season and then start again but 5000 win is impossible it’s crazy

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I got nothing but epics . I haven’t gotten a legendary as reward or in box in over three months. To me I agree with new rewards and raid but drops have been garbage for a long time .

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las recompensas de clan se buguean, no me dieron la de 50 tokens