Que torso es XD!


Es la primera vez que lo veo wtf!


what torso is that?..


The Goat Torso

Believe @El_Metre showed that off during the start of “The Goat”.


how does he have it?..It looks sort of like the torso the Unicorn portal boss had


Hahahaha :laughing:
No way!


Not a clue, I didn’t think they actually added it. And the Unicorn boss doesn’t look like that, it’s actually different. That’s The Goat torso, lemme find the photo in the topic.


See, same torso. Although idk if they officially added it in.


That’s the GOAT perk, actually.
And yes, it’s the one from GOAT tournament, I can confirm that :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh Goat Perk? Thought it was an actual torso. o.O


Nope, it’s like the Pumpkin perk.


Yep it is the GOAT perk… it ia awarded to thw winner of the GOAT tournament.
It is visual only, and only 3 exist atm.
It is the single most prestigious thing you can have atm, it shows that you have some of the best and most creative skills in the game.
It awards the most skilled and most creative builda you can make out of epic only mechs.
It is quite chalangeing.


Yep, I guessed as much. Have been keeping up with The Goat Tournament for a while now. I just didn’t know if they added it or not.


Also, the GOAT tournament is always great fun and fair play in a friendly enviroment.
It’s one of the best thing we have in SM :slightly_smiling_face:


wtf no sabía eso, que estadísticas tiene? alguien tendrá fotos Q.Q!, @Splatter screen numbers torso please


It’s not a torso, it hasn’t any statistic: it’s like Santa Hat, visual only.


gracias por responder, es que esta muy curioso el visual XD!


It is the way of saying to the other guy.
“I have skill!!!So that counts as 2 myth plates, MF!!!Time to kick azz and chew bubble gum… and I am all out of gum…”




Why was I tagged to this @KilliN


'Cause i wanted to @Fluxeon


it is the torso you get from winning the goat competition