Quality of drops comparison - BigBoy vs mission 6

Hi guys, in the face of some other threads I want to raise a question to grinders of Mission 6 in Den - is the quality of boxes worse than in Big Boy mission? From my experience last two energy tanks (142 energy points) wasted on Big Boy yielded me circa 3 or 4 boxes in total, and about 4 rares and couple commons. It is disastrous, and waste of time IMHO… I always thought BB gave good boxes, but now IDK… That is why I try to test a new location. Anyone done some tests?


The most difficult missions are not those that give better boxes or more boxes. Serve more than anything to collect coins.

Try with the shortest mission bosses.

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this is not true today.

Dropping was nerfed once again

there are no legends in the boxes,fewer coins, fewer items and more commons. Improving only one thing - seldom without boxes.

upd. Note the frequent refresh and a restart of the game-constantly spinning back and forth. Pay attention to the changes of damage and overheating. Nerfogolics again something break in silent mode.


Today I made 3 BB and got 1 single box.

Throughout the week I got better boxes and a few epics in missions 2 and 3.

For me, what I say is valid. What happens is that each person’s experience will be different.



This approach protects the nervous system, but does not increase the number of coins and items.


Like the first area boss xD


I try to understand in any area but I do not find better and you have to move mission boss other mission boss

I know my idea is bad


I have farmed Ramboy A LOT!

Whenever I got the jewel box, I NEVER EVER get a legendary. Not once out of maybe 100 or so.

I find that the best and most quickest/economical farming spot is mission 9 in the Danger Zone. No legendary drops, but you’ll get a box 9/10 times, plus plenty of XP and gold.

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Bro… Do mission 6 on insane.

It’s only got three mechs to fight unlike Mission 7 above, Give more exp than bigboy normal (19,000 just for 7 energy). and you get 9,600 gold per

I used this mission to get up to level 150 and boy does it work.
It gives you good boxes too


look at the rewards


For what mission

the sixthed overlords den mission

What’s so irregular about it?

*faceslap *

If no one is going to read my posts properly today then I should just leave aye??

I said on insane

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@PlagueKnight you did it on ‘‘Normal’’,not ‘‘Insane’’…

i cant i did not unlock it

Unlucky then

So what?
Dude,you’re level 64,you should know that much by now…