Q&A with our Game Designer #SMreloaded

We asked our Head of Game design at Super Mechs some questions about the NEW version #SMreloaded

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Mohadib and I’m part of Tacticsoft Design Team and head the game design of Super Mechs. My day-to-day work is mostly to define how game systems work, and constantly balance the economy and items of Super Mechs.

What is this update all about?

This is actually a MAJOR update in terms of the game balancing.

We realized the game had to be refreshed dramatically both in the mech building part, as well as in the general economy. This update was made to make it more interesting and easy to pick up for new players, as well as having deeper and more interesting gameplay for veteran players.
We also wanted to build a system that will allow us to add new content on a regular basis without disrupting the game balance.


What are some of the major changes?

New Items & Items Balancing
We have introduced many new items and completely changed the balance of properties between the different tiers of items and how powerful each item is. We made the tier (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mythical) the most dominant element in an item’s strength. We also made the type (Physical, Electric or Heat) more important to the item’s identity, to foster stronger mech-building skills. We specifically wanted to prevent a situation where there can be a few mech builds that are superior to the rest. With this update, you can basically counter any mech build if you really understand the vulnerabilities and strengths of all different items.

Transforming Items
We have added a new system called “Transform” that allows you to, well, transform an item to a higher tier. This feature is almost equivalent to Evolution in other games. Max Powered items can “evolve” to a higher tier item and receive a boost in properties as well as a new visual look. So, now, a Common item can be transformed into a Rare item etc.

Not all items have the same amount of transformations available, so finding the ones that can transform the most is also important. For example, you may find 2 Rare side-weapons that look similar, do the same damage etc, but one can transform twice up to Legendary and one can only transform once to Epic. It’s obvious investing in the first one will be better.

More than that, you can no longer get Mythical items in any box in the game. The only way to get Mythical items is to transform Legendary items that can turn to a Mythicals. This will require players to really prove they are strong and work in order to reach Mythical items.

New Economy
We have rebalanced costs and rewards in a major way. There has been such a large change that we have decided to replace the currency completely to not confuse the veteran players. We now have Gold Coins instead of SM Coins. This was also done to cope with the serious inflation we had in the previous Super Mech version.

We are moving from a system that encourages hoarding items (since boosting was almost meaningless) to a system where boosting and transforming items is essential for progress. Inventory limit is a common mechanic in such games to motivate focus of fewer, stronger items rather than hoarding thousands of meaningless ones.

Once a player becomes accustomed to this new focus on upgrading it’s likely he will never feel the inventory limit, especially since more inventory slots are added as player levels go up.

This feature is complemented by the changes we made to items’ weight to enforce the superiority of transforming. There is no longer a need to save a Common item just because it weighs less than its Rare or Epic version. Higher tier versions of the same item are always the same weight, so they are always superior to the lower-tier versions.

New players will learn the game with this system in place so it’s just part of the natural learning curve.

We ARE aware veteran players are less used to this gameplay and some have collected an incredible amount of items (I’ve seen players with 9000+ items, almost all duplicates) - so we’re going to give veteran players a grace period where inventory limit will be postponed.

We haven’t yet decided the length of that period, probably a few weeks, but veteran players will have time to play the game, gain new items while still having the old ones. These items could be used for boosting or kept for regular usage. However, you will not be able to upgrade them or use them for transforming.

Regular boxes are focused on items by tier (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary) since tier is becoming a more central element in the game. We ARE planning to have special periodic “dungeon” missions and events which will allow players to focus on getting specific types of items - either by category (body items, weapons, modules etc), by type (Physical, Heat, and Energy) or even specific special items.

As I mentioned before, the only way to get Mythical items is by transforming a Legendary item. Mythical items will no longer be found in boxes (unless part of a special Game Event).

Can you explain furhter the changes in currency?

As I mentioned before, we made some economic changes across the board. These changes touch a lot of elements in the game, which made it too difficult and confusing to keep using the old SM coins. We have decided to retire SM coins from circulation and use a new Gold Coin currency.

New Players won’t feel anything since they won’t even know the old coin. Veteran players will have to convert their SM Coins to Gold. In addition, we’re giving veteran players a special opportunity to convert their SM Coins to Premium Boxes, which will only be available for tokens in the game. They’ll be able to do that conversion the first time they enter the re-launched game. After their first log-in, the offer will no longer stand.

What is your favorite item? What is your favorite build?

I don’t have one favorite item, but I do love looking for combinations of items that allows interesting strategies. For example, I’ve seen a build that has strong long-range weapons and then has mid/short range weapons, which mostly provide pushback.

I also think as you level up finding good modules is becoming increasingly critical, and the right module can have a decisive impact on the outcome of battles.

As to favorite mech build – this keeps changing as we’re playing the new version and adding more items. Every time I think I find a few of the best builds, but then someone else from the team appears with a super cool build that absolutely trashes mine. It’s a constant arming race and it’s super fun :slight_smile:


What is the most under-the-radar feature of the new version?

So there are several elements we are adding under the hood so I will only mention them vaguely.
First, you can use any item to boost, but using the correct items will be much more efficient. We also built it that you can have different levels of efficiency, so players figuring out the system quicker can have a significant advantage as they’ll move up faster.

Looking for items with a large potential for more transforms is also very important. A Legendary item might be stronger than an Epic one, but if the Epic one has potential to reach Mythical, and the Legendary doesn’t, then that Epic item is much more valuable. Looking at that potential is very important.

The last thing, we’re working on making the battles themselves more strategy based and players will probably start noticing this in the upcoming releases. Finding all the strategies and counter-strategies is exciting.

Thanks, Mohadib! I think I speak for the community when I say we are all excited to play!


Soooo… will there be color kits?

Will there?

Huh? Huh?

Will there??


Damn it!!! All this bullshit scares me more and more… What about items that have currently Mythical status? Will they be used in the game or scraped? I got several hundreds of Mythicals, some are max-boosted, and I want to know if all this effort and money means shit now…What happens to a fully boosted mythical in the New Patch? What happens to my 4 million experience I gained? Do I start from scratch, like all Newbies? Damn, I do not feel sooooo excited at all!


Also, it is sooo nice You Tacticsoft guys focus on NEW players, but I guess the support of the most seasoned ones, especially with the ULTRA supporter status, allowed us to last in the game market for so long… And now what? What will you tell us?


Well all the items we have now… can be used as regular ones… but they cant be upgraded or transformed.
All our Myths will drop a tier… that means they will be Legendaries, that cant be made Myths again(damn it sucks).
So the thing is like this, we get to keep them us fuel for the new items, and just that :)).
Will start from scratch, that means we lose the xp.
That means, the investment we did… well we lose part of it… actualy quite a big part of it.We will also lose the ultra supporter status.
All in all it aint that bad, if we can actualy keep the hackers/cheaters at bay, and not see them flying by us with all sorts of programs and hacks… i think it will be allright.
@Fluxeon the kits will be back… “soon”.


Hi @Mordulec

No one will start from scratch, no worries.

I’ll clarify the points you raised:
Players will not lose any item and there will be no changes in the items you have. So all your Mythicals will stay Mythicals with the same properties.

Regarding Max boosted items - In the current system items had 16 boost levels, so Max Level = level 16.
In the new system there is a different amount of levels per tier (Common have 10 levels, Rare 20, Epic 30 etc). Since items keep the exact properties they have now, all fully boosted items from Rare and above will now be level 16 - but not Max Level (as we added new levels).

Regarding Experience points - In the current system there are only 30 player levels. Regardless of how much XP you have collected you stayed level 30. In the new system we have 150 levels so if you gathered more experience the system will give you a higher player level based on your current XP. In your case, ~4M XP means your new level will be between 76 to 81.


Thank you!
My Myths thank you also… and so does my 12m xp.


But the old Mythicals will keep their current properties, that means they keep their dmg, energy/heat dmg etc etc. But the new ones will be more powerfull… so now i get it… we can still use them but, their impact will be so and so. So it will be up to us, what we do with them, fuse them away for something better, or keep them and use them.That is smart… diversity… will breack curent meta… and will balance the game.


Hi Mohadib,
Thanks for the explanation. That clarifies a lot and makes me settle down a bit. The worst nightmare was the perspective of losing all invested time, effort and money in the game. I am greatly interested in the fusion/boosting theme. Can we analyze an example:

So my Infernal Axe is level 16 with 542 674 power. You said this remains the same level in the New Patch. The big question is, how much power do I need to max out Infernal Axe now? I will start from 542k power to… what number? There is also another huge question. As I understand, there will be no ammo/rocket modules, since all ammo based weapons will be of limited use. What happens to ammo-based drones? First, they had significant advantage over non-ammo drones (more dmg, more associated energy/heat dmg, etc.), as well as one significant drawback - you could run out of ammo. This fact influenced the tactics I apply towards enemy using ammo drones. How is tihs done in the New Patch? And thanks in advance for your answers!


As @El_Metre said in a previous comment, older items cannot be boosted any longer nor transformed (since we didn’t design new tiers for old items). This basically means we freeze the properties of these items as they are now.

So your Infernal Axe will not be able to reach Max Level in the new system. You could use it as is (since it’s still a strong item) or use it to boost newer, more powerful items.


With it maintaining the curent power lvl that is 16, or taking into account the 542674 power?
Or will just wait and see. But the fact remains, up to a certain point it is usefull… after that certain point lvl 16… it becomes absolute, and we need to move forward with the new items.
Kinda likeing it… hmm new items… hmm, we finaly get ride of the same 4-5 mech builds that dominate curent meta… also the unknown factor.


No item will lose any property so items keep the exact level and power points they have.
The whole point is to give veteran players the freedom to decide how to manage and use what they have gathered in the any way they choose.


Hi mohadib
But the most important question still remains will colour kits come back and can i get my purple colour and what about ranking system will it remain same or there may be changes because as you said their will be dungeon missions etc. And these special events as you said will be held regularly or very less?


You guys heard enough the words “Color Kits are back soon” so I’m not saying anything and you will have to wait for the public release. :slight_smile:

Not sure which ranking system you refer. The PvP Ladder?

Regarding dungeons and special events these are planned and some of the backend work was done but these will roll out in later releases not the very near one.


Im referring to pvp will there be any change or current ranking system will remain same as it is ?


plz guys don’t add that item limit i beg u as its a waste as well as will take tons of tokens so plz don’t do that guys or u could do that give us the space like if i have 3000 items give my inventory 3000 capacity so we don’t need to spend out tokens on those items and then the further items we will get we will be spending those tokens on that
plz reply @Mohadib


There is no change in the PvP Ladder at the moment, but we do plan to work on it later on in the future to allow more competitive tournaments.


@Mohadib Reply plz i am waiting


We are giving veteran players a grace period to manage the extra items they have in the inventory. And even after the grace period you can still keep all these items, but it means you won’t have any free space to get new items from rewards.

Regardless of the reasons you keep 3000 items in the current version, there is absolutely no reason to hoard so many in the new balance. Boosting and Transforming are really meaningful. You’ll just end up holding on to 3000 weaker items, mostly duplicates. But again - Your choice, we’re not taking them away.