Pys version of the heat bomb/ emp

on the topic of new pys items, with the heat bomb and emp there is a missing pys version, there should be one that does dmg to the enemy and the player, EG: maxed myth does 600 dmg to the player and 850 dmg to the enemy, it would be like an antimatter bomb :slight_smile: please add this in and it was not my idea in the 1st place, i got told of it by a non game player. (please add it in)

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This would not really work in addition to that it does not make sense to put more suicide weapons :expressionless:

that was just a exsample, it would prob weigh 36kg, maxed mythical doing 500 dmg and 200 to the player, if you had high pys res for the user it would work great and if both mechs die the ither the player/ user wins or both players win, wait no not that, players would exploit it, maybe both lose, @devs it is a good idea seeing it is from someone with next to no knoledge of the game, and you could give it a res drain of 15 myth 9 legendery and 3 epic

Alright, this is definitely Just a troll.

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You like a one hit explosion don’t you?


How about β€œno.”


why are people missing the point, i am giving examples for the devs, for all i kow if the devs add in the antimatter bomb it will be like a res disolver with 100 dmg or the next op weapon in the game, and i also dot care if it gets in or not because it wasnt my idea in the 1st place :expressionless:

as if phys wasnt already broken enough

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Nope, that sounds weird lol. And also there are many other items which do not have physical version like ash creator etc.