Pys newfound strength

is it just me or are pys mechs wayyy stronger

like insane

like round 2 im dead because they do 600 a round

Phys is definitely better but then again the new death punch item deals like 700 damage and you get can that for all 3 types. The game is just in a broken state.

Try facing a duel electric death punch plus electric sword mech. Probably 400 per death punch and probably 200-300 from sword. Plus prob a 100 from drone. Also I think most new physical/heat/energy items other than torsos and legs need energy to operate. Drone, maybe 3 energy. Side weapon? Prob 25 energy to fire. Energy mechs are very strong now, since if they drain the enemy all the enemy can do is use stomp or a weapon that doesn’t use energy. (And since drones use energy, that one weapon is all the opponent can use).

they are stronger but also more vulnerable if they slack on their energy stats like most do

If you think physical weapons are too strong, you haven’t seen the new mythical heat and energy weapons. As mentioned, the new death punches do even more damage and generate huge heat or energy loss, and with so many physical weapons needing energy to fire, they are prone to being energy drained or overheated because you can’t have enough utility for high hp, high coolant, and high energy. Not when new mythic energy weapons drain 200 energy in a single hit.

i’m a physical mech user, my in game name is R.I.C.O, that’s right physical mech have big gap on damage but now most of the physical weapon need energy to operate, and it’s very weak to energy damage, new energy mech can drain my 200 energy storage just in one turn,and my mech doesn’t equipped with strong energy regeneration module to counter, well i think physical mech is not as strong as you imagine, because it could lose easily to energy mech.

There are items that operate without energy.
Anihilation is a range 1-2 phis wep, that needs no energy. In myth form deals 450+ dmg, and -15 drain, 3 uses.
Hook deals 250 dmg, needs no enrgy.
Charge deals 250 dmg, needs no energy.
The drone does need energy…
There is the buldog shotgun, 3 uses in myth form, deals 400+ dmg, -15 res.
Be creative, and you can win(sarcasm).
Actualy find these wepons and invest a huge amount of money in them and you can win.
Downside of them, is that they are close range weps… so if you hitt a heater with new lava, shotgun, and sword… you are scraped.

people significantly overestimate the amount of money you would need to invest to upgrade an item to max mythical, indeed it is possible to do it without any money at all. a common new meta item gives a lot more fusion than the old meta items did comparatively.

this idea that you need to spend hundreds of pounds to get a myth to max level is just false. and if you are spending you would spend significantly less than you needed to max level a myth in the old meta.

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Really now? Please make an educated guess, since you didnt likebmy mathematical aproach of the fussing and transformation estimates.
You need 1 legendary lvl 40, that si 159.000 gold.
And you need another 5 to sacrifice( we assume you have them laying around) other wise is 109.000 a piece to make from epics( 545.000 in total).
To take one legendary from lvl1 to full 50 lvl myth costs 859.000 gold.Or if you dont have the legendaries it goes to 1.404.000 gold( aprox 1000 tokens, or 25dollars).
Yes is less then the old myths.
But there isnt any exageration, if you consider that now you have another 8 new myth on each mech, vs the old.
So on average that means 25 dollars on each item, and you have atleast 16 on each mech… adds up 400 dollars.
And we assume you have the whole legendaries that you want to keep and boost.
Not adding the cost of finding them in boxes.

I have upgraded items to myth level using only new meta items and I can tell you from personal experience it is much easier than people on the forums seem to be making it out to be.

@El_Metre and @Misfit

you are BOTH right.

It is possible to make a very good mech with NO money, IF you had +100,000,000 SM coins and +3000 old items!

If you had NOT, it is also right that you need a LOT LOT of money to get what you want.

The future will show this anyways, because sooner or later you will need other mechs to be able to win.

But that doesnt mean, that there are NO cheaters, who get their stuff for FREE !


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I had 450,000,000 SM coins and almost 5k old items
But still my Mechs is weak as I ran out of Gold :skull_crossbones:

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Yes - sorry to hear - so you got very unlucky !
AND its - for me - a total sign that others who got 2 - 3 mechs with best 5 - 6 itmes, something MUST BE wrong, OR they spent 50,000 tokens !


That would requier alot of luck!
I was/ am in a similar situation like you. 120.000.000 sm coins, 3600 tokens.
End result, 1 and a half decent mech, with some type 2 myths( the ones that you make from epics,they start as epics).
What really upset me is that us the old players got really hurt on the investmwnt we made.
The old myths are totaly useless and we lost all the money we spent on it.
Missfit is right you can also make mechs using new items, some of the new are just as useless as the old.
But it takes either alot of time or money.
I still hope for us the old time spenders and time investors of this game that we get some sort of compensation, so that we can get rid of the feeling of beeing robbed that we have now.


Eh, from the tokens and coins I’ve spent so far I’ve made a decent mech for my level that just needs upgrading, but if I had 120,000,000 sm coins I could max that out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve found it very hard not to get at least decent items that require upgrading to be really good, but idk how it is for others. I still like the idea of decreasing fusion costs tho, it becomes a hassle to grind that much if you don’t have the coins (newer players like me especially)

Esto es tema de ricos o de farmers o de suerte
< Lo contrario es mejor abandonar XD!