PVP Battles Freezing at Zero - FIXED

We recently had reports of freezing when the countdown reached zero in PvP matches/
The team fix this issue and released a patch.

Good day!


Yay, can you repair graphic bug that makes weapons with no push push enemy in online fights :slight_smile:

Do you know what weapons this happens with? Send me a message!


It happens after opponent uses the 2 range sword, but I think it’s solved now

Yes this was fixed in the last version update!


That happens sometimes with not full fused myth annihilaton and fullfuse legendayr terror blade

Hi @Sarah247! Yesterday I faced the player named aaaaiiii and after the first round the battle clock froze at 00 and OFC I lagged/timed out. Because of the huge ranking difference (I was 6, aaaaaiiii was circa 300 place) I lost 32 positions. But today morning I faced Laszeski, and this time it was him who lagged/timed out. Justice was done, but I want to inform you that the problem returned. Fix this, because there is nothing more frustrating than losing by a bug after you invest time and energy into getting a good rank…

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