Putting myself in an electrician's shoes

I have always disliked energies ever since reloaded came.
This is because they have heavy drain and can deal extra damage to a drained opponent.

I see electrics as a meta that I believe they have no problems. And their recent nerf to the EMP made me laugh.

But I don’t really understand at all. I always cry when an electrician beats me, but start boasting when I win against one.

So my solution?

In order to understand what energy users go through, I decided to be an electrician myself. Then only I can understand their problems and benefits instead of crying “ElEcTRIcS ArE OP” all the time.

Here is my new energy mech.


Don’t do it man. Save yourself…


Join my force.

jk, I am a neutral with all types


Is that BigDaddy you have here?

Yes. It’s just a placeholder. I plan to put a Malice Beam or Ultrabright there.

I don’t have those yet.


@Joeyjojojunior @Mordulec

Yes I tagged you because I want you to see my glory for joining your force.

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You forgot @TechnoDive too.

@TechnoDive you loli come here and give me a hug


First of , bigdaddy sucks.

It’s just temporary untill I get a Malice Beam
Chill lol

Putting yourself in an Electrician’s shoes Like me and others is kinda hard, because Ranks 8-1 are COVERED in phys, and we energies C A N ’ T beat phys in this new nerf to EMP (Even before nerf)

Anyways, it’s a rigorous arena out there, and I recommend not doing it because you’ll always lose.

… Actually you’ll survive NOTHING, two heat engines are not enough to survive heats, that energy just by glancing at it is not gonna support your mech against other energies, and HP is not enough too.

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2 heat engines are perfect actually, need at least 600 energy to cope, HP would be good at over 2000…

There is not much that you can do as an electrician.
You are open to heat, unless you have 2 heat engins, min.
You are open to energy if you have less then 5 energy modules.
And with only 1 hp module, no claw, you wont atand a chance against phis.
There is no rounded build for energy atm.
You either focus on counter building against phis and heat, with a module setup of 3 heat modules, 4 hp plates, protector.
Or counterbuild against energy and phis: 4 hp plates, 4 energy modules.
And item wise : maybe a VS as top, and a malice instead of bigdaddy.
And that is all you can do as an energy.


What if i told you i have one? :thinking:

A rounded energy?
Could be… with Claw and Platplat, maybe get it around 2100ish hp.
But i doubt it will do well against 4-5 energy module phis setups.

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IF there would be a rounded build, which can beat all …

  • all would build this mech

  • all would win all

… you see … a thing, which is impossible :exclamation:

But there are rounded builds of every type, which can win a lot :exclamation:


P.S.: also a prove that the game is pretty balanced at the moment :white_check_mark:

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Nice Bunker Shell!

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Some merit to that from my point of view. Using my energy mech, I always struggle against PHY. I recently made a pure PHY mech to counter other PHY. My PHY mech is doing wonders now, elsewhere my energy and heat mechs failed against PHY mechs. Very sad…

Wmist, let me tell you it’s hard to be an “energy drainer” electrician, at least from my experience. If you fail to drain or maintain drain, most likely it means your death. Once you do drain/maintain drain, you still have to deal with energy free weapons. Despite being drained of energy, opponents can still kick you. And HP is low, at least for my energy build since using other mods to counter other electricians or some heaters (I decided to switch out a heat engine with an energy engine to deal with the rare, op electricians that I come across). Since I don’t have “premium” energy-damage weapons, I don’t have any opinion on “energy damage” electricians.

Overall, from my experience, despite the hardship of being an electrician, I always like being an electrician since the beginning. Just my opinions on the subject matter. :slightly_smiling_face: