Put your future mechs here!


Paste your future mechs here (as said in the title)
Heres mine:

heat mech

nrg mech

and lucky last,phys mech








off topic here what on earth is that!?


Oh, that’s an old perk called Shrinking Mech.

Just like the Santa Hat, it’s a perk, but a special kind. It makes your mech tiny.

It is an Legacy Perk along with Pumpkin Torso, so Cannot be obtained ever again.


oh,thanks btw,also,cool mechs m8


Rip this thing Lol, sit at range 2 and you will be a free win


agreed,i might take of falcon,but im not sure.replace it with terror cry


Get rid of electric modules also, this ain’t gonna beat meta electrics anyway


k,ill try my best,if it works anyway


meh,idk about this


For heat mech, I advice this.


Now just stick around Range 1 and it’s done for lmao


These are the mechs that i’m dreaming to have in the future :
Physical Mech :

Energy Mech :

Heat Mech :


-future mech
-uses dual corrupt light
-uses terror cry instead of abomination
Da fug



First, second, and third mechs. Seriously rare items.



what happened to this type of shot? should add it back in…


1st Mech :

  • Too low HP
  • Great Energy Cap
  • Great Regen
  • Good Heat Cap
  • Too low Cooling
  • Basic Resistances
  • Weapon Choices might work actually

Conclusions - Might have rare items, will not work all that great to Heat and Physical Mechs, but will destroy some Energy Mechs.
I don’t recommend it in Ranks 9-1.

Tip :

2nd Mech :

  • Too low HP
  • Decent Energy Cap
  • Good Regen
  • Great Heat Cap
  • Good Cooling
  • Basic Resistances
  • Weapon choices might work

Conclusions - Will not survive any attack that has EMP in it, but will drain like a regular Energy Mech. Will die to any Heat and Physical Mechs no matter what.
I don’t recommend it in Ranks 10-1.

Tip :


3rd Mech :

  • WAY Too low HP
  • Good Energy Cap
  • Great Regen
  • Good Heat Cap
  • Decent Cooling
  • Bad Resistances
  • Weapon choices will work at Mighty Cannon and Seraph Blade range, will not work at Purifier range

Conclusions - Will not survive any Phys no matter the mech, unless they have Lower HP. May survive Energy Mechs, and may survive about a small amount of Heat Mechs.
I don’t recommend this in Ranks 8-1.

Tip :



My current project. All the items are on hand except the damn Grim Cobra. I need it!!! I just hate that it will probably take me a month to max all the items, but by then I should have the GC plus max energy in Arena Shop, plus accumulate all the gold I need to max everything.

This will replace my main phys cause I HateYellowMechs (just kidding), but phys is weak AF right now, and i’m tired of facing 145 phys res on every man and his dog.

It’s purely anti-heat/phys.







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Heat and Phys mechs are still under planning