Put your dream mech design here!


you only have to complete archievements or insane missions to get tokens…
(thats i do,i dont buy tokens).


I earn 300 tokens every week from event raid and day mission :slight_smile:
But I still don’t find mercy and claw T_T


Just take it

and myth it, because its your’s now


well,that means you have a good mech…
i just have one legendary and some epic weapons.
oh, and i have an lvl 10 account,its full of epic items instead of rare.




Dream mechs

Far from it




ok soooo wut do u think about these mechs


First: he need energy, or the drainers will kill half of your weapons, if not all of them… Much hp there, lessen that and put modules extra…I would take this heat drone and put one HEATPOINT there… Also, take out supreme and put one desolation there, much more worth it.
Second:After the two Bunkers you gonna do what ate range 3? you gonna be dead easy by physicals… 900 of energy won’t help you if it don’t have any resistance or at least more heat to hold one heatbomb :slight_smile:


That mech like Lord gorgon,but is hard to beat my first energy mech!:stuck_out_tongue:
But this mech is still top


what do u think


How about changing a heat engine for an energy engine and roving a plate for another energy engine and change the phys mod for a multi res


thx ill change that as soon as possible


I have no idea of the outcome


lol its ok i dont rlly care about arents u rank 1 lol


I call this, the trio horrible time.





1, Do you actually have a Legacy Teleport? If not, redo the builds with the actual Teleporter lol
2, All of these can be countered with simple guessing and the Phys mech has neight the optimal amount of Energy / Regen nor the optimal amount of Heat / Cooling.
The only person who would have a horrible time is you lol.


The perfect build for screwing off Dual Desolation Builds.

This will also work.

This topic is too good to be left dead. So i revived it :smiley:


Maybe not.


First mech: magma build’s breakfast
Second build: deso food