Put this bullcrap campaign to an end!


I’m SICK and Tired to the freaking overpower normal weapon and over high HP mechs in campaign!!! A normal weapon, not myth in campagin can do 122-170 damage??? What the in the f is this joke!!! Even the freaking GOD MODE couldn’t kill those stupidly fake power mechs! But wait! There’s more! Some random Mechs in insane mode have over 700HP!!! Some of the crappy Torso have over 1000HP! And the Heat bar only have 88 or 90 heat, but can do 145 cooling!!! Da fug?!
I’m seriously asking Super Mech stop putting overpower impossible Mechs in Insane mode! Those mechs aren’t insane…THEY ARE FREAKING NIGHTMARE !


wait for godmode with 2200hp on overlord’s den… one hellfire with 1800, lavascopes with 1900, engines of 230/90… etc etc and damage x3…


Like i said, Freaking nightmare!


when happen refresh to get new enemy… and pray for one under 1000hp jeje


and hope that they don’t have the weapon that deals 120-170 damage


Some players complained that campaign was TOO easy so they got what they asked for.


now it just hard beyond anything in this universe!!!


The campaign mechs should have a 1 ton weight limit too :stuck_out_tongue: :confused:


Indeed before the campaing was easy but tolerable now its just insanely too hard.


quit mech

play bd


Is it Easy ?Is it Hard ? Its Insane :scream:


I will play Yugioh and Asphalt 8


Lil’ offtopic: I stopped playing it because I got bored and lost my progress after reinstalling Windows (the game wanted to give me a “lvl 1” cloud save + Gameloft’s support is honestly s**t)


Yeah Gameloft’s support is pretty bad
You got 1 point Tacticsoft


I want to write down why they are bad but it would be offtopic and I don’t want to waste a “hour” of my life D:


Make the campaign restart every month!!!


It takes ages to complete it (because of energy + hardness) so it should be more than one month


K… How bout 3 months?


Anyone want my skype and chill on the beta servers?



That’s better :smiley: