Put The Worst Mech Builds


In This Topic , You’ll have to put the worst and most rediculous mech builds you can possibly make on WorkShop Unlimited made by @KilliN , Starting up from now

To be honest , This is the most broken OP Mech i could make , So umm , I think it’s :100: :ok_hand::joy::rofl: OP


Old Bigboy on the Reloaded version xD



Are these ridiculous enough?

And Damage:


Lmao , 100% Legit STRONG


For the Heat mech it actually works, just change the modules lol.


Lightest Mech


Worst Hybrid to imagine

This mech seems OP, but it will overheat itself lmao


Just these Legs and Axes brings pain

god itself


Everything about this mech is bad


@KilliN I thought res modules disappeared when you add another one in

Did you change it?


Do you know Extra Features at the side?

Well, that enables like the “debug” feature of the workshop.


Well, well, well, did not know that. Thanks for tip


How about some more?

Physical Demon

Wait, new torsos and legs?

Energy Demon


All OP items in 1 mech